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Want New Clothes At Your Door?

Do you want clothes to just show up at your door? You know you do.

I have always been a shopper. Shopping for clothes is my weakness. In my spare time I would head to the mall or local stores and buy an endless amount of clothes.

Then I had my daughter. Shopping with a baby is no joke. She makes it so much more difficult, that I have given up trying to take her to stores while I try on clothes.

Instead I just have clothes magically show up at my house. It’s called Stitch Fix! They are unique in that you don’t actually get to choose what you get.

Stitch Fix is a company that carefully chooses clothes for you and delivers them to your front door. The company picks five items of clothing they think will suit you based on a profile you create. If you like them, you keep them. If you don’t like them, you send them back.

I have personally used this process twice. Each time they have sent me five items of clothing, and both times I’ve kept all five items. I think I wear my Stitch Fix clothes more than any other items of clothing I physically bought myself.


It’s a simple process.

Step 1: Go to Stitch Fix’s website and set up your profile. It’s very easy! Just fill out your basic measurements, your clothes and style preferences, and some items you would like to see in your closet. They even ask your profession to get a feel for what you can wear to work. Stitch Fix gives you clothing examples and images to choose if you Love it, Like it, It’s Just Ok, or Hate it.

My favorite thing about the profile is they allow you to link your social media pages for them to look at. I linked my Pinterest page titled, “I Wish This Was In My Closet”. Although nothing mimicked those pins, it was the same type of clothing and style I was looking for.

Step 2: Pick a date to send the clothes. I have to say Stitch Fix has gotten so much faster the second time around. The first time I picked a date I had to wait an entire month until the next fix was available. The second time I got to choose a date for the following week.

If you love the experience you can always have fixes come every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, or every 3 months.

Step 3: Pay a $20 styling fee to start the process. If you end up purchasing items, that $20 is credited toward your account. It’s basically a small security deposit. If you don’t buy anything, you do eat the $20 though.

Step 4: This is either the worst step, or the best step. It’s the interval of time you wait for your fix to arrive. It’s the worst step if you simply cannot wait for your package to arrive. It is the best step if you completely forget it was supposed to come and clothes just show up at your door!

Step 5: Try on the clothes! Test the clothes out. Look at the outfit ideas they provide you in your package. Hopefully everything fits and you love it all!


Step 6a: Yay! You love it all, and you are going to keep every item! Now go back on their website and purchase the fix. Because you liked all the items you get a 25% discount, which really helps with the purchase price. Enjoy those clothes!

Step 6b: Well you liked some, but not all! That’s okay! Just go on their website and pay for the things you’d like to keep. Don’t forget to send back those items that you would like to return. Enjoy those new pieces!

Step 7: Make sure you go back and give specific feedback on all of your items. Be specific so they know what they did well and what just didn’t work for you.

The grey and white striped sweater is one of the five pieces from my Stitch Fix order.
Both of my favorite jeans came from Stitch Fix. One I am wearing in this picture.

Please feel free to message or contact me with any questions or concerns. Enjoy!


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