12 Ways to Enjoy Your Small Home

My husband and I purchased our home even before we were married. We were young and the home was a nice fit for where we were in our lives. We were one of the first couples in our circle of friends to buy a home. Over the years our group of friends began purchasing their first homes. Some even jumped to a second home quickly. These homes were bigger than ours. They had more bedrooms, an open floor plan, big yard and oh the storage!

I was certainly happy that my friends found their perfect homes, but I sure was jealous. I found myself thinking things like, “Ugh, I wish I had this sized dining room to fit everything in”, “Ugh, I wish we had a finished basement”, “Ugh, if we only had this storage space for extra bedding”, “Ugh, ugh, UGHHH!”. I began searching Trulia and Zillow. I MUST FIND A NEW HOUSE!

Finally my levelheaded husband talked some sense into me. We were already only a few years from paying off our entire mortgage. We didn’t need extra space. We were fine where we were.

Well, he was right. I started attempting to enjoy my house more. The more I tried to enjoy it, the more I found how perfect this small little house is for us.

Here are some of the things I did to enjoy my home more.

Just pick up your stuff.

When you have objects all over your home that aren’t where they belong it gets cluttered, and you hate it (you know you do). If you just put whatever you’re using back when you are done with it it becomes easier to maintain a clean, uncluttered environment. When you’re done binge watching Netflix for the night, prop the pillows back where they belong, fold up the blanket and place it on the back of the sofa, and put the remote in an easy to grab spot. When you walk downstairs in the morning, how nice is that going to look?


Find something that makes you happy in every room.

If there is something that you adore in each room of your home it will allow you to enjoy that space more. This can be a feature in your home or it could be an object you put in your home. Maybe you love the paint color in the living room, or the hard wood floor in your bedroom. It could be as simple as adding a cute candle to your small bathroom, or mini book display on your coffee table. Even if small things put a smile on your face, you will begin to enjoy your home more.


Put plants in your home.

99% of the people that have plants in their home live a much better life than those that don’t. Ok, I might have made that up, but it has to at least be close. Plants not only are a pretty decor, but they add a sense of purpose to your home. Placing plants throughout your home can help improve the quality of air and boost your mood. There are plenty of options for indoor plants, or just pick up a cheap bouquet at the grocery store to put in your kitchen. Some bouquets can be as cheap as $4.99!

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Talk to your neighbors.

We live in a day in age that small talk has become uncomfortable. It can be hard for some people to make conversation with others, but slowly try to introduce yourselves and talk with your neighbors. Even if you feel corny talking about the weather, at least you will begin to feel comfortable around the people you live so close to, and you may even begin to enjoy their company.

Don’t be afraid to put out sentimental items.

With Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook we’re so trained to think we need to have this perfect, quaint home with the trendiest items and decor in each room. Realistically it’s not always possible. Sentimental items are so important in allowing you to enjoy your home. Just because Grandma’s old blanket may not look super trendy on your Instagram doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it out. If it means a lot to you and it truly makes you happy, have it out, hang it up, or throw it on the back of the couch. Who knows maybe your Instagram post will prove that Grandma blankets are in style.


Find art you love.

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a space is the art you pick to display. That’s not always easy, and some art can be very expensive. Try to find pieces you love, even if they are cheap. Cheap art doesn’t need to stay around forever, and if it makes you happy, why not hang it up?

My favorite little cactus candle.

Remember the positive things about your home.

This can be hard to do, especially if you’re continually frustrated in your small home. But there must be a reason that you’re there. What is it? Maybe your house has nice woodwork. Maybe your neighborhood is adorable. Maybe there’s a certain window you just love. Maybe you love the paint color in your kitchen. Find what you love, and don’t forget it. You could even go as far as to write what you love in a gratitude journal. You may be surprised to see how many things you write down about your home.


Create a cleaning schedule.

Being a homeowner is a lot of work. There are so many things you need to think about and clean. Create a schedule for cleaning so you don’t have to worry about your home getting too messy. Some things can be daily or weekly, while others are monthly or annually. The cleaner your house is the happier you will be.


Make your bed.

Literally just make your bed. When you walk into your bedroom you will be so happy and refreshed to see it made. Maybe even buy some extra decorative pillows or a blanket to keep on your bed for a little extra color.

Organize something, and then keep it organized.

How frustrating is your tupperware cupboard? It’s the freaking worst. Organize your spaces so it’s easy for you to access, but here’s the catch; KEEP IT LIKE THAT! Put things back where they belong so you don’t keep getting frustrated with it over and over again. Organize your kitchen drawers, your dresser drawers, your closet, whatever drives you crazy, but then keep it organized. The more organized you are the more space you will find in your small house to keep items. Every time you open that jewelry box you will smile to see your beautiful accessories in a perfect order.


Let there be light.

People respond differently to dark rooms and bright rooms. Typically sunlight increases positive moods in people. If you have dark rooms try to brighten them up with natural sunlight as best as you can. Open up the doors, push back the curtains, open up the blinds, and let that sun in. Try to add a mirror on the opposite wall of your windows to reflect the sunlight into the room. Any little bit of light helps!


Get rid of what you don’t need.

You may feel like you might wear that sweater again someday, or you might read that book again at some point. But you probably won’t. When you have a small house it feels as though you can accumulate items so quickly. The more items you own the more pressure is put on you to find a place for them. Think about the clothes in your closet, the amount of blankets you have, the excess number of wine glasses on the shelf (you know you won’t throw a party big enough for all those wine glasses, YOUR HOUSE IS TOO SMALL). There is no sense in keeping things that take up space if you don’t use them. Toss them. Give them to a charity. Have a yard sale and make money off of them. Just get it out of there.


Keep finding ways to enjoy your space. The more effort you put in to enjoying your home the happier you will be. If you have any other ideas for enjoying your space feel free to message or contact me, or leave a comment for others to see.

Thanks, and good luck!


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