The Three Best Things We Discovered On Our Trip to Disney World

My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Disney. Disney has tons of unique and exciting things that people don’t know about. From “Hidden Mickey’s” to secret doorways in shops or restaurants there is so much to discover.

Here are just a few simple things we found at Disney that are worth mentioning.


(glasses from Warby Parker)

The Wild Africa Trek.

If you’ve been to Disney before you may have been on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride where you ride an open vehicle through a savanna to see wild animals for about 20 minutes.

If you’re interested in experiencing a bit more than that try the Wild Africa Trek. It is based off of the same ride except you are hiking through this safari ride, getting up close views of the animals, and eating at an African post for lunch. You get a personal tour of the animals and their amazing environment that Disney has created for them.

It is a very fun experience. You can read more about it here.


Enjoy having part of the park to yourself?

My husband and I stayed at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Friends had told us to stay there because it was walking distance from Epcot, which is where we planned to spend a lot of time. We were so happy with this choice for a few reasons.

It had a fabulous view. You could look out onto the water and see the lights of the boardwalk across. It had tons of entertainment options. Pool by day, boardwalk games and performers by night.

It was also so close to a back entrance at Epcot that brought you into France. Most mornings we got up, walked to our private back entrance and went to the French bakery, without ANYONE in sight! Three of the mornings we went to the French bakery for breakfast the french workers said, “Oh good morning! You are our first customers!”. It was so nice to be able to order food, find a seat and relax without the pressure of the Disney crowds.

Other places around there you could stay include Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Boardwalk.


Going for a special occasion? Wear the buttons.

Disney now has a special thing they do for people that visit them for a special occasion. If you are visiting for a birthday, anniversary, just got engaged, graduation, etc. they will provide you with a button that you can wear all throughout Disney World.

Our buttons were pretty big. It kept getting in the way of the bag I was wearing. We did not want to wear them at first. We purposefully left them off, and when workers would say, “Oh did you not get a button?” we would tell them we forgot it. One day we decided to just “wear the stupid button”.

And that was the day we felt like celebrities.

Everywhere we went workers told us “Congratulations on your recent marriage!” Restaurants gave us free deserts. Starbucks gave us a discount on our coffee, and wrote cute notes on our cups. A small ice cream vendor even gave us free ice cream at one point.

After that day I’m pretty sure we even slept in those buttons.



There are so many other amazing things that Disney World has to offer.

What are some tips or tricks that you found on your trip to Disney? Comment below so others don’t miss out.




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