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5 Things You Should Be Brave Enough to Start Doing

We live in a day in age that people get offended in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we keep things to ourselves at the risk of upsetting others. This attitude has not only changed what some people say, but the way people act. It has stopped people from speaking freely with one another even in a positive way.

We need to start doing more things that we haven’t been brave enough to do.

Compliment someone.

Do you ever see someone in public and think to yourself, “That shirt is adorable”, or “Her makeup is amazing”?

TELL THEM! What is the worst that could happen?

You would completely make someone’s day by giving them a compliment. You may even learn where they purchased it.

Don’t compliment someone just to compliment them. Be genuine. The world needs more nice, genuine individuals.

Don’t be afraid of small talk.

How many times have you seen an acquaintance at the grocery store, but avoided them because you didn’t want to have to deal with small talk?

Man up, and say hello. Even if a simple hello is all that is exchanged it’s better than the awkward aisle avoiding game you would have played.

I know that there are those people that talk your ear off. Maybe those individuals just need an ear, even if it is for ten minutes. You could make someones day by just lending an ear, or saying a simple hello.

Bring a neighbor a gift.

We had new neighbors that moved in behind our house, and a few months later had a baby girl. Other than polite “hello’s” here and there, we hadn’t really talked to them that much.

I had a cute outfit from when my daughter was born that she received two of. I thought about bringing that outfit over to my neighbor for her new baby girl, but kept telling myself, “No, you don’t even know this woman. That would be so weird!”

It wasn’t. I finally allowed myself to walk over with my daughter and give her the outfit. They were so happy, so appreciative and thought it was so thoughtful. They were so excited to see our daughter, and said, “I hope someday our daughters can be friends”.

Be there for someone when they need it.

A few weeks ago I stopped at Walmart real quick. The man in front of me was trying to buy beer along with a few other items. The very sweet, young girl cashing him out asked for his identification even though it was clear he was over 21. He said he didn’t have it. She apologized and said, “I’m so sorry, but if you don’t have your ID I cannot sell you this alcohol”.

You would have thought this cashier had just murdered his entire family. He blew up. Screaming and raging at her. She stayed polite and apologetic. The manager had to come over. It was quite an ordeal.

After everything cooled down and the man left it was my turn to cash out. As she quietly bagged my ground beef and ketchup, I could tell she was holding back tears. I thought of just quickly handing her my cash, and running out of there, when my mouth started speaking.

“You handled that situation well. I can’t believe how polite you were to that jerk, and how well you held your composure”. The woman behind me nodded in agreement. The cashier looked at both of us and said, “Really? Well thank you. I thought maybe I should have just let him buy it to make it easier”. We told her if that is her company’s policy then she did the right thing, and she was relieved.

If you see a mother of three struggling with a shopping cart, return it for her. If you see an elderly man trying to carry mulch to his car, grab it for him.

Don’t be afraid to help the good people in this world.

Buy something for someone if it reminds you of them.

I had a friend in high school that I haven’t seen in years. She is an awesome person. She runs a local farmer’s market here in town and is a great asset to our community. I see her here and there, but never really exchange more than a quick hello. I mostly keep tabs on her through our Facebook friendship, more than our human friendship.

The other day I was at Target and saw these cute dish towels that said “The Farmer’s Market is my happy place”. I immediately thought of her. I thought, “she would love these. I have to get these for her”.

Then I stopped myself. No, that would be weird! I haven’t talked to her in years. I don’t know her address. That’s so much work just to send dish towels.

No. It really wasn’t. I bought them. I messaged her for her address, telling her I found something that made me think of her. That alone made her so excited. From there we messaged back and forth, asking about each others families, and catching up.

It was definitely worth the $2.99 at Target.


The world will be a better place when we just remember to be a good person. It doesn’t matter if it’s big things or small things; just do good things.


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