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How To Be Even More Awesome Than You Already Are

There are a lot of really terrible people in the world. I mean, not you of course. You’re awesome. But a lot of other people? Yeah. They’re not cool.

It’s really hard to be as awesome as you and I. I mean it takes work to get to this level. Maybe that’s why so many people just don’t even try to be better people. Here’s what you can do to be even more awesome, or maybe these lame people should give these things a try.

Smile at people.

People you do know. People you don’t know. Just smile at them. Don’t be creepy about it, but if you make eye contact with people across a restaurant, give them a quick smile. Did you have a nice cashier as you were checking out at Target? Give her a polite small.

It can go a long way.

Listen to people when they talk.

No I meanย really listenย to people as they talk. Even if their story is about how they went through their grandma’s sock drawer, listen politely. Make eye contact, ask some simple follow up questions to show that you care, “Wow, so I mean, how old do you think some of these socks are?”

Even if you don’t care, show people that you do. It’s just a nice thing to do.

Bring a gift when you go places.

Going over to a friends house? Bring a bottle of wine. Hanging out with the guys to watch football? Bring some beer. It seems as though alcohol suits these situations best, but other small things can be great too. A small potted plant or bouquet of flowers. Homemade cookies, brownies… let’s be honest, homemade anything.

People will appreciate it. And who knows, maybe they’ll want to return the favor when they show up at your door.

Stop talking about people.

Okay, for real. What is the point? Maybe you’re truly not one to gossip, but every once and a while it just slips out when you’re with your gal pals. It happens, but if you notice that you’re talking about an individual do these two steps:

  1. Stop! Think to yourself, “Hmm, would I like it if I was the person in this situation right now?”
  2. Veer the conversation in a different direction.

That’s not so bad, right? Now doesn’t that feel good?

Tip a wee bit higher.

“But I’m already an amazing tipper”. OKAY FINE, then skip to the next one. But a lot of people are not. Really this goes for the good service you find. Servers, drivers, anyone that you’re tipping appreciates and remembers the faces of people who tip well, so why not?

Compliment someone.

Don’t be afraid to say something nice to someone. Most people don’t bite. We live in a day in age where people get offended by something that is said in the blink of an eye, so I know that sometimes you may be nervous to put yourself out there and talk to people. But if you really like someones jeans, or you see a mom doing a kick-ass job grocery shopping with three kids, or you run into one of your old, favorite teachers, tell them how you feel. Compliment them on the awesome job that they’re doing.

We need more nice people in this world.

Put your phone down for a bit.

If you are hanging with your friends on a Saturday night, put the phone down. You can interact with your friends human faces instead of their virtual ones.

I’m not saying you have to put it down for the entire time, but if you’re playing a game or you’re having a conversation with friends don’t worry about your phone. If people are talking and you’re liking things left and right on social media, are you really giving your friends the attention they deserve?

Hang out, talk, eat, and relax without the phone. You can check everything later.

Ask your host if they need help with anything.

When you go to a friends or families house for dinner ask the host if they need help cooking, or setting the table. It is a fact that 98% of the time if you ask your host if they need help they will say no.

Okay, that’s not true, but I mean it could be. Even if they do want help they’ll probably just ask you to peel potatoes or something. Eh, that’s not so bad!

Either way they will appreciate that you offered to help, or that you actually did.

Just be nice.

Say nice things. Try to see the positive in everyone and everything. Be friendly to people you know. Be friendly to people you don’t know. Help others. Just do good.

Our world can be a sad, angry place. We need more awesome people like you. And for those that are already awesome, why not be AWESOMER?

Bonus- Dress like a unicorn.

I mean who’s more awesome than a unicorn?


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