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How To Make Your Work Week Suck Less

Monday’s make up 1/7 of your life. This means that I am grumpy 1/7 of the time. You know what, a few other days of the week aren’t that great either.

The dreaded work week. Having to get through five whole days before the weekend. For the longest time I was living each day just working to get to Friday night to start my weekend.

And then my daughter turned one. Her first year was the fastest year of my life. Was it because I was constantly just working to get to the weekend? Was I enjoying the rest of the week at all?

Whatever it was I realized that I needed to really enjoy the other days of the week and not only live my life for Saturdays and Sundays. Here are some things I started doing to make my life easier Monday through Friday.

Meal prep for the week.

If you utilize your Sunday you can prep yourself for the week to relieve some stress for Monday through Friday. Make little snack bags for the kids’ lunches on Sunday nights instead of doing it five times throughout the week. Try to meal prep for the week so you know what meal you’ll eat which night, and don’t have to think on the fly each night. Try to get all the grocery shopping out of the way over the weekend so you’re ready for your week.


Get organized.

Write out a schedule for the events or activities happening for the following week so you’re not caught off guard with the PTA meeting on Wednesday night, or the extra dance rehearsal right after school.

Choose your outfits ahead of time.

Whether it’s the Sunday before the entire week, or just the night before try to figure out what you’re going to wear for the next day. This will allow you more time while you’re getting ready for other things, or just keep you from rushing around each morning. With all this extra time you’ll look fabulous all week long.


Find something you enjoy doing every single day.

I know with our busy schedules this can be hard to do, but try to find something small that can help you enjoy the day. Maybe it’s watching one of your favorite shows. Maybe it’s listening to your favorite podcast or playlist in the car on the way to work. Maybe you need to ditch your normal breakfast and make yourself a big fancy feast, or better yet, go out to eat for breakfast. Find something each day that will put you in a good mood.


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Make a playlist for each day of the week.

Instead of just listening to the same songs over and over again in the car, make a special playlist for each day of the week to listen to. Madonna Monday, Whitney Houston Wednesday, Funky Friday… shall I go on?

Let Monday be your cheat day.

If you’re dieting and have a cheat day, don’t use it up over the weekend. Use the extra time you have on the weekend to eat right and save your cheat day for Monday. It’ll make it easier to get out of bed knowing the deliciousness your day is about to reveal.


Whether it’s the week or the weekend try to enjoy every single day of your life in one way or another.

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