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How to Rock Your Dirty Hair For Days

For almost all of my life I have had long, thick hair. Not including that time in third grade when my parents cut my hair to look like a boy for a few months. #neverforget

I don’t think I even want to know how many times I have had to blow dry this crazy mane. Ladies, we all know drying that hair can sometimes feel like an early morning arm workout.

I used to be one of those girls that washed and dried my hair every day until my sister-in-law introduced me to the wonderful world of dirty hair. Oh how this world has changed my life. My morning routine is shorter, I’m saving at least a little money on shampoo and conditioner, I’m not wasting as much water in the shower, and best of all my arms are no longer slaves to the hair on my head from blowdrying. Life is good (insert praise hands emoji).

Now it wasn’t an easy transition, and I know I am fortunate to have thick hair that usually doesn’t become a greasy mess right away. I will say the longer I practice these tips, the longer my hair seems to be able to stay “dirty” without having to wash it. It’s like I’m training my scalp for a marathon of no washing, and he is working hard to cross that finish line. The longest I have been able to go is five days. Yes, FIVE DAYS. It was only one time, but still… it was five days. We’re trying for a week, and I’ve never believed in anyone more than my own head of hair.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Sporting a DAY 2 dirty hair look

Here are some things I do to make sure my hair can go days without having to wash it:

Shampoo… twice.

First things first, when I know that I am going to finally wash my hair and try to make it last a few days I will shampoo my head twice. The cleaner the better to start off that week of dirty hair.

The product of shampooing twice.

I don’t condition my roots.

Sometimes my roots get oily so quick during the week. Those are the weeks I usually condition my roots. I have found that if I condition my hair starting at the top or crown of my head and work my way down that I can usually have my hair go dirty a little longer.

The only part of my hair I condition.

Dry shampoo is life.

If you want to avoid washing your hair, you will eventually have to hop on the dry shampoo train. This stuff is a great way to keep your hair going with just a quick spray on your head and a rub on your scalp. I wait until I start noticing that my hair is thinking about getting greasy and I spray this on to help.

Some products even say it works better to spray it the night before for a fresher more voluminous look.

Dirty hair day FOUR- finally broke out the dry shampoo

Keep your hands off!

I know sometimes we instinctively play with our hair, or mess around with it during the day, but try try try to keep your hands off of it. The amount of oils that can travel from your hands to your hair is unreal, so keep your hands in your lap and your hair should avoid extra greasiness.

Sport that shower cap.

I used to think if I showered but didn’t want to wash my hair I would put my hair up into a bun, maybe pull it back with a headband so it avoided getting wet and it would be fine. I found that my hair was getting damp or sometimes very wet, making it get slightly frizzy or limp in certain places.

One day I tried a shower cap and it worked wonders. I was able to keep it completely dry without losing volume or gaining frizz.

Just took the shower cap off- dry as can be.

Try to avoid products.

Sometimes oils and hair products can leave your hair greasier by the use. The less you can avoid using these, the longer you will be able to get away with your unwashed hair.

Alright guys this is a DAY FOUR dirty look. I had to pull out the headband.

Pull your hair back from your face.

The roots on the top of your forehead can easily get greasy from oils on your face. Try to pull that hair back to avoid the hair from touching your face and receiving those oils. Bobby pins may be your new best friend.

Day three dirty look

Teach yourself some updo’s.

We live in a day and age where any hair tutorial you could ever want is posted somewhere online. Braids, buns, anything you need to know is on the internet for you to try. Teach yourself a few updo’s for those dirty days when you just don’t want to deal.

Dutch Braid
Dutch Braid

Sleep with your hair up at night.

Whether it’s in a braid or a bun, sleep with your hair up at night to avoid nighttime movement. If you move your hair gains frizziness from the pillowcase, so the less hair touching it the better. Also that way you don’t get drool in your hair either… or is that just me?

Sunday Bun day

Hats are cool.

Listen, if it’s a chill day, running errands and hanging out, hats are the way to go. No one can see the greasiness under that hat, and typically the ends still look alright. Maybe that hat will even last you one more day without washing your hair.

Day 5 dirty hair 100% needed the hat

Good luck, dirty girls!

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