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Amazing Deals on Summer Items for Baby in My Shopping Cart Right Now

The smell of fall is in the air. A cool, crisp chill in the morning, the sweaters have come out of the attic, and the leaves crunch under your feet as you walk. That means it is the perfect time to get online and shop for summer wear. Why you ask? Two words: deals galore.

This is the time of year that I buy a lot of warm weather clothes for my daughter. Stores want to get rid of anything summer related to make room for fall and winter products, so some things are unbelievably low priced. Here are some of my favorite summer items I’m buying for my daughter right now to prepare myself for a few months down the road.

My daughter’s adorable suit from Janie and Jack that I wish she would fit in forever.

Baby Swim Wear

My daughter received the cutest suit from Janie and Jack. The original price of the suit was around $42. Currently some of the swim wear at Janie and Jack is down to $9.99 and it is adorable. Order a large size now for your little one to wear next summer! I’m obsessing over this cute swim suit, and am absolutely getting it for my daughter to wear.


Baby Shorts

Can we talk about the adorable prints that Janie and Jack has right now for around $12.99? Usually prices are between $36.00-$42.00 so this is an amazing deal, and there are so many sweet shorts to choose from. I have these Spearmint Palm shorts in my cart as we speak.


Baby Sandals

I’m loving the summer colors and adore these bright coral sandals for my daughter. They are on sale right now from $32.00 at only $9.99.

Baby Summer Dresses

Janie and Jack have the cutest summer dresses for little girls (can we get some in mom’s size please). This embroidered eyelet dress was originally $69.00 and is now on sale for only $23.99. I cannot wait until my daughter can wear this come June!

Baby Summer Hats

These summer hats are the sweetest. They are nice material and will hold up nicely during the summer months. I am buying this little straw sun hat for my daughter. It was originally $26.00 on sale for only $8.99.

When I’m shopping I only look at the girls clothes for my daughter, but after looking through some of the summer clothes they also have adorable little boys clothing as well. I especially love the cute plaid outfits they have for the young men.

I tried to only stick to summer items, but they also have adorable fall and winter items that I may have to sneak into my cart as well.

Snag some cute clothes for your little one and store it until the summer. When summer rolls around and you get to pull out these sweet, new outfits it will feel like Christmas in July!


*This post contains affiliate links.

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