A Simple Book of Firsts


Before my daughter was born a family friend purchased the most adorable baby book to keep track of her monthly interests and accomplishments. I tried my best to stay up to date each month, but have to admit that sometimes I would fall behind. I can say I have finally caught up to her twelfth month and am off the hook for a little while. I can’t even imagine how terrible I am going to be whenever I need to start keeping track of baby number two’s firsts.

The baby book given to us included all of the before birth and during the hospital stay information. It then gave some information for each month from when she was born until she was twelve months old. Now it still has pages from her first birthday until her first day of school (how come I feel like I will be filling that page out before I know it!)

I love this book because it is simple, easy and so adorable. Snag this cute baby book today at Project Nursery.

Electronics, Project Nursery Shop, largest children's design resource


Project Nursery Shop, largest children's design resource


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