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#Momlife for Non-Mom’s

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#Momlife. It’s a phrase I’ve found myself saying a lot lately.

My daughter is a little over a year and a half old. She literally never stops moving. She’s constantly climbing up and down on the couch, chasing the dog, and getting into every cupboard or drawer in our house. It is truly like a mini tornado running around my house, and I feel like I constantly am putting away tupperware and collecting all my tampons off the floor. So many times I think to myself, “this is my life now”, or simply just… #MOMLIFE.

The other day I was exhausted at 8:30. I had just put my daughter to bed, cleaned up the house a bit, brought up the laundry and began folding. Again I thought to myself, “Man, mom life can be hard some days”.

Then I had a realization. Nope. Life can be hard some days. My tiredness actually had nothing to do with being a mom that day. It was just a long day for multiple reasons, and honestly my daughter had been extremely easy. I did a million loads of laundry before my daughter was around, I cleaned the house every night before she lived here, and there were many nights before she existed that I was tired around 8:30. I realized this wasn’t #momlife, it was just #life.

To my non-mom friends:

It must be hard sometimes to live in a day and age where #momlife is used pretty much daily. I know Instagram right now is a #momlife craze. People (like me) posting pictures of children, and sharing their lives and how hard they are working, and how tough their life can be. Please know, this does not mean we think you are any less important or have it easier. It is most likely a mom just looking to vent, and hopefully find support that they are not totally messing up this little human they are trying to raise. We know you work hard, we know your life can be tough, and we appreciate you just as much as we appreciate other moms.


When my child poops on the floor, decides to smear yogurt on my TV, or clogs my toilet with magnets, you better believe I will still use the hashtag #momlife because that’s exactly what it is. But I will remember that we all have laundry, we all run late sometimes, and we all have bad days whether you’re a mom or not.

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