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Happy Minimal Easter!

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Being that this was Margot’s second Easter, she was able to enjoy it a little more than she did last year. It was so much fun to have her collect eggs in her basket, and receive a few little toys from the Easter bunny.

After her birthday in September and this past Christmas, the last thing this chick needed was more toys. I’ve learned that I am a very minimal mama, and only get her a few items for holidays like today. I have found that the less we give her, the more meaningful it seems to be to her. Here are some things this year’s Easter basket included:

One item she can play with alone.

Jumbo crayons took care of that. Something she can use at her high chair, or on the floor by herself. This is a fun gift for her, and a gift for mama in that she can play with it on her own.

One item she can use with us.

This year that item is bubbles. Eventually she will be able to use bubbles on her own, but for now it’s a fun thing we can do together. Part of our Easter morning included sitting on the couch blowing bubbles and trying to catch them. She especially loved when the dog barked and jumped at them. Speaking of the dog…

One item she can use with the dog.

Margot loves our dog, Jack. This year in her basket I included a light up, bouncy ball that she loves to throw around for him to chase, and for her to constantly giggle at.

One item that is similar to something she already loves.

For Valentine’s Day she received a small kitten doll from her Granny. She is obsessed with this cat, so I found a small chick about the same size. She instantly put the two together and played with them together.

One experience instead of a toy.

In this case it was easy, because it was an Easter egg hunt around our house. It’s so important to me that we do an activity or experience together as something special on these holidays. We hid plastic eggs around the house for her to gather in her basket, and I’ve never seen her so excited to keep finding these bright eggs all over.


What are some of your Easter basket goodies? We hope you had a fabulous Easter with your family and loved ones!


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