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It’s Okay To Get A Little Wet

playing in the rainrain play

Well it’s official. My daughter is obsessed with being outdoors. She loves going for walks, playing in the yard, but most of all chasing our dog around.

Today it was raining. We needed to let the dog out. I thought, “There is no way she’ll be out for long in this weather”.

Oh how wrong I was. She loved it. But I guess rain is more fun when you’re 1 than when you’re almost 30. We walked from the front yard to the back yard, waved at neighbors, dogs and cars driving by, and of course splashed in puddles. The entire time I watched those cute little pigtails run around, I couldn’t help smiling and enjoying myself despite the cold, dreary weather.

Today Margot reminded me it’s okay to go outside when it’s raining, to jump in puddles when you’re an adult, and to embrace the messy weather. I’ll always be there reminding her that I have an umbrella if she wants to stay dry, but she’ll always be there reminding me that sometimes it’s okay to get a little wet.



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