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9 Ways to Teach Your Kid to Love the Earth

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Happy Earth Day!

It took me many years to realize how precious our beautiful planet is, and how much we need to take care of it. I was never a very outdoorsy kid, and complained when I had to be outside. Flash forward to present day, and I am addicted to the fresh air, beautiful trees, and the sky never ceases to amaze me.

Luckily for my husband and I, our daughter also loves the outdoors. Whether it’s rainy, snowy, sunny or blowy she always wants to walk out that front door into the world. We love that she wants to be outside, and try to take her out and do activities every chance we get.

In honor of Earth Day today, here are some things you can do with your child to teach them how to love the earth even more than they already do.

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Go outside once a day.

Even if it’s cold and dreary, it’s good for children to experience the outdoors. Allowing them to be outside in different (safe) conditions allows them the opportunity to see what different forms of weather are like, how to dress appropriately for them, and what mother nature is capable of.

Rainy day play


Kids love to explore. Especially at such a young age, it’s so beneficial for children to walk around during the different seasons and see what all these changes are like. Picking up pinecones, or flowers, stepping in soggy grass and hearing the water squish, dragging a stick on the ground, or watching ants in a hole are all experiences that allow children to learn about the world around them.


Grow something together.

Choose something that you can grow together. You could try an indoor plant, outdoor plant, herb garden, vegetable garden, or even a shrub. Watch it grow and thrive together to teach you child about the proper ways of maintaining and caring for plants.

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Talk with your children about the importance of recycling. Find different projects that you can do with your child by reusing old things in your house, and finding a new purpose for it.

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Experience different places.

If you live by or travel to a lake, woods, beach, canyon, valley, geyser, or any other amazing part of our planet, show your kids what it’s like. The more places our children see the more informed they are about how the earth works.

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Go camping.

Nothing says family bonding experience like camping. Set up your tent, go for a hike, play in the creek, and roast marshmallows over a campfire. Listen to the different animal noises, and enjoy the new atmosphere around you.

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Visit a nature center.

Nature centers are a great place to allow kids the opportunity to see how different plants and animals survive and thrive. This may not be something that they can normally see in their day to day experiences with the world, and can be a great learning opportunity on caring for animals and plants.

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Donate to a charity for your child’s favorite animal.

There are so many charities that you can donate to help animals in need. Whether it’s your local Humane Society, or any other organization, this will show your child that they can give back to the Earth and the animals that live there. Maybe they can even help their favorite animal!

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Educate yourself about our beautiful planet.

Learn different names of plants local to your home or area. Determine what animals are native to where you live, and how you can help ensure they are treated right. When children see their parents involved, it will only make them want to be involved more too.


Love your Earth and all the beautiful parts of it!

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