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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Child to the National Audubon Society

During the summers my daughter and I love adventuring to new places and exploring new things. Last year was tough because she wasn’t even one, and she couldn’t do very much. This year is a whole different story. She can interact with things, play, and observe. That’s why I decided to try out our local Audubon Society here in town, and let me tell you it was one of the best days we’ve had in a while.

I cannot speak for all Audubon’s across the country, but I’m sure each one works hard to make it fun and interactive for kids and adults. I was amazed at all the fun things we could do and see there, especially for my almost two-year-old daughter.


They have tons of hiking paths and trails that you can choose to walk. Deep in the woods, or just a small trek around their facility, it could leave you walking for hours. They allow strollers, so my daughter and I walked a path through the woods and were able to see tons of birds, wildlife, pinecones, trees, and berries.

Audubon walkAudubonAudubon trail


I’m sure each Audubon center is different in terms of the wildlife. Our local Audubon has one specific gem that many locals know, and that is Liberty, a bald eagle. She happily has her own big exhibit that she stays in and watches visitors as they pass by. My daughter is obsessed with birds and was so excited to see one so large. It was incredible to see her so close.

Audubon bald eagle

Audubon nest
Margot inside a life-size bald eagle nest.


Our Audubon has a local garden that they encourage you to enter and look around. It was a pretty big garden that housed many different flowers and vegetables. They ask that you be respectful of the growing crops, and do not touch, but they love for visitors to enter the enclosed space and look around at all the food and flowers they are growing. My daughter was obsessed with the tomatoes!

Audubon gardenAudubon gardensAudubon tomatoAudubon tomatoes

Interactive Play and Exhibits

Once we had explored outside for a while we moved our exploration inside. We learned there was so much more to discover inside as well. Every room, including little nooks and crannies, had either blocks, books, toys, animals, or something that she could interact and play with. I couldn’t believe how much was offered.

Some things we did inside included:

  • Pretend fishing with local fish in our area
  • Read books about many local animals
  • Played with insect puzzles
  • Played with puppets that had to do with pollination
  • Used binoculars placed by a window to see wildlife outside
  • Traveled through a hollowed out tree tunnel
  • Looked through tanks at different turtles and fish
  • Saw life-sized spiders (inside glass of course)
  • Picked pretend fruit and veggies
  • Played with stuffed animal birds
  • Checked out the gift shop

Audubon binocularsAudubon play roomAudubon playAudubon puzzleAudubon spidersAudubon treeAudubon turtle


The Observatory

This may have been our favorite place in the entire Audubon. This beautiful top floor allowed you to see so much of the property and its surroundings. You could easily see the pond, so many trees, some of the paths, and of course some birds and wildlife around. My daughter was fascinated by the view, and we looked out of the glass for a while.

Audubon overlookAudubon observatory

Check out the Audubon’s website to find a local Audubon near you to explore with your family. I promise you won’t regret it!

Audubon hike