7 Tips for Blogging on a Budget

Sometimes it feels like all the big bloggers and Instagram influencers are where they are today because they can afford to pay for any little thing they need and desire. And although maybe that’s true and it certainly makes the process easier for them, you don’t need to be super rich in order to be successful online.

What you do need is to just get creative.

Here are a few tips for starting a blog without breaking the bank.


Take Your Own Photos

This can be tricky and you can’t always buy yourself a fancy Instagram husband, but you certainly can take your own photos in a few different ways.

My favorite way to take pictures is with my handy dandy tripod and camera remote. I use these two items for about 95% of my photos. It’s super convenient and allows me to do it at my own convenience without making my husband constantly snap my photos.

Both items are not that expensive and certainly pay off in the long run. I have yet to ever schedule professional photography because typically I am able to get photos that I am content with. I will also use a professional photographer when it comes to big life events and things I want to remember well, but from day to day my tripod and remote do the job for me just as well.

You can’t even tell I have that remote in my hand, can you?


Join Affiliate Programs with Brands Already in Your Closet

Affiliate marketing is a program in which certain brands allow you to earn a commission for driving sales to a companies website. Many bloggers (especially fashion bloggers) use affiliate marketing to monetize their blog. Essentially when they market a product to their audience they are provided with a certain link that can show if they’ve generated traffic and sales to a companies site.

Instead of just applying to any and all affiliate programs, be specific to the companies you might easily be able to work with or the brands you already have in your closet. I already owned these Warby Parker glasses that I loved, so I applied to their affiliate program (see what I did there). If you love to continually shop at Old Navy, apply to their affiliate program to use the clothes you would already own and wear to share with your audience.

Warby Parker
I already owned these Warby Parker glasses and became an affiliate through their program.


Find Ambassador Programs

Some companies choose to have an ambassador program instead. This is when a business will send you a product and in return, you post about it to your audience. Reaching out to brands and applying for ambassador programs is a great way to start getting exposure on your blog.

I partnered with PinkBlush and their ambassador program to shoot some of their maternity items.


Use Free or Cheap Apps for Editing Your Photos

As they say, there is an app for everything nowadays. Finding an app to edit your photos can be such a game changer for getting people to click to your blog.

Here are a few of my favorite free editing apps:

  • Lightroom Mobile
  • Snapseed
  • VSCO
  • AfterFocus
Britta Livengood lightroom presets
I edited this photo using my favorite Lighroom mobile preset, Bright With Vibrant Colors


Reach Out to Companies You Want to Work With

Big blogs have people approaching them all the time. But if you’re just getting started, chances are your inbox is empty. Don’t be afraid to reach out to companies and ask to collaborate. The worst that can happen is they say, “no”. It literally costs nothing to send an email, and can only benefit you in the long run.

Blogging on a budget
I reached out to a company called ThredUp and ended up collaborating with them to get these matching mommy and me dresses.


Use Free Stock Photos

There are so many websites with stock photos that allow you to use them for free. Always check the license on the website so you are not using someone else’s work, but if they are free to use, use them! Flat lays, coffee shots, and beach photos that fit your blog topics can all be found and that way you don’t have to come up with these on your own.

Blogging on a Budget
This was created using a free stock photo that I edited text on to.


Learn, Learn, Learn!

You guys, YouTube has every tutorial you could possibly want these days. Utilize this. Teach yourself about marketing, business, working with brands, sponsored posts, and anything else when it comes to blogging.



You got this. Blog away, my friends. Blog away.



This post does contain affiliate links.

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