5 Tips to Easily Take Photos of Yourself Without Using Self-Timer

6 TIPS to easily take photos of yourself without using self timer

Instagram husbands. I love going places and catching all of the Instagram husbands in the act. Taking pictures of their wives posing in front of cool murals, snapping pictures at the dinner table with their glass of wine, or there is my all-time favorite Instagram husband shot. The one where the wife walks in front of him while they hold hands and he takes the picture. You’ve seen it.

Like this.

Instgram husband 1

Or this.

Instagram husband

Or even this.

Insta husband
I mean, I’m not going to lie. This is an awesome shot.


I’m not throwing shade at all because to be perfectly honest, I would love a full-time Instagram husband. My husband is a parttime Insta hubs. No, not even parttime. He’s more like a freelance guy I hire from time to time when I need a little bit of assistance.

Many people ask me how I get my dear husband to take my photos, but the truth is he rarely snaps my photo. About 98% of the photos on my Instagram account are taken by me and me alone. The interesting part is that I’m in most of the photos as well.

Here are some simple ways to get photos of yourself without relying on an Instagram husband.


1. iPhone Tripod and Remote

I use these two items for almost every single photo that I am in. I set my iPhone on the tripod and use the remote to snap my photos as I pose. It’s so simple, and you can snap photos easily with tons to choose from.

I purchased both my tripod and my remote on Amazon and they are seriously a game changer when it comes to getting good photos for my Instagram feed. I usually just hide the remote behind an object or put it in my pocket while I click the button.

Here are some photos that I took using the tripod and remote. Can you spot the tiny remote despite my attempts to hide it?



2. Be Brave… just ask someone to take your picture

For some reason, we live in a day and age where everyone takes pictures, but we’re all too scared to just ask someone to take our picture. If you’re out and about, trying to get a picture of your outfit against that mural because let’s be honest, you look GOOD, all you have to do is just ask someone walking by if they can snap your pic real quick.

A helpful tip is instead of asking someone to take a bunch of pictures, ask that person to just press and hold the burst mode (also known as continuous mode) while you strike a few poses. Hopefully, you’ll have tons of options to choose from, as long as he got your good side.

I know that this can be an awkward situation for some people, especially if you are an introverted person. In the past, I’ve asked a couple or a group of friends walking together, so after I’ve gotten my photo taken I can say, “Would you like me to take a group photo for you?” Sometimes they say, “sure”, and it makes the situation a little less awkward.

Luckily, you will probably never see these people again, so just get the good shot and move on with your life.

Blogging on a budget


3. Take a screenshot from a video

I’ve learned that trying to get a nice picture with two kids two-years-old and under is essentially as difficult as trying out for the Olympics. I mean, I’ve never actually tried out for the Olympics so I guess I am unsure of the difficulty level, but it’s probably up there.

There have been times when I need to capture a photo with my kids for a brand or event and they simply will not cooperate. That’s when I pull out the video trick.

I set up my phone on video mode and we move, smile, and pose. In the end, I wasn’t taking a bunch of photos, I was just taking one simple video. Then after we’ve successfully taken the video and I’m sweating because I basically just wrestled with two tiny humans for the perfect shot, I then slide through the video to find a good frame to then screenshot on my phone for an image.

This technique also helps to get more of a real-life feel with all the movement.

This was originally a video of us eating donuts.


4. Get your kids to take your picture.

Let me start off by saying I am giving this advice without actually being able to use it yet. My oldest is not even three, and to be honest she has never even attempted to take a picture on my phone. But if you have kids that are old enough to do it, ask them to take a shot of you real quick. Kids usually love helping out with that kind of thing, and who knows, maybe they’ll come up with a new, awesome angle you never knew you loved so much.


5. Using “Live” mode on your iPhone

Don’t forget that you can edit your “live” photos if you’re not satisfied with the key photo it took. Sometimes the quality is not as good on live photos as the original, but it certainly is another good option to check out if you’re not happy with the main photo.

A little bit more grainy, but “live” mode helped me capture a shot that I love.


Obviously the timer.

There’s always the good old fashioned timer shot. I still use this technique from time to time if my remote for my phone died, or if I simply can’t find it. I would always recommend a 10-second timer as opposed to the 3 seconds. Ten seconds gives you much more time to easily press the button, and get into a posed position for your photo.

Another tip when using the self-timer is to use the back camera as opposed to the front camera. I know it’s tempting to use the front so that you can see yourself while you pose, but the quality on the back camera is so much better, and I promise you’ll get a much better quality photo when you use the back camera.

I lost my remote, so I just sat like this for about seven seconds.


These are some of the ways that I avoid using my “not so Instagram husband”. I hope this can help you take some amazing pictures of yourself, so we can start seeing that beautiful face of yours on your feed.

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