How To Make Your Work Week Suck Less

Monday’s make up 1/7 of your life. This means that I am grumpy 1/7 of the time. You know what, a few other days of the week aren’t that great either.

The dreaded work week. Having to get through five whole days before the weekend. For the longest time I was living each day just working to get to Friday night to start my weekend.

And then my daughter turned one. Her first year was the fastest year of my life. Was it because I was constantly just working to get to the weekend? Was I enjoying the rest of the week at all?

Whatever it was I realized that I needed to really enjoy the other days of the week and not only live my life for Saturdays and Sundays. Here are some things I started doing to make my life easier Monday through Friday.

Meal prep for the week.

If you utilize your Sunday you can prep yourself for the week to relieve some stress for Monday through Friday. Make little snack bags for the kids’ lunches on Sunday nights instead of doing it five times throughout the week. Try to meal prep for the week so you know what meal you’ll eat which night, and don’t have to think on the fly each night. Try to get all the grocery shopping out of the way over the weekend so you’re ready for your week.


Get organized.

Write out a schedule for the events or activities happening for the following week so you’re not caught off guard with the PTA meeting on Wednesday night, or the extra dance rehearsal right after school.

Choose your outfits ahead of time.

Whether it’s the Sunday before the entire week, or just the night before try to figure out what you’re going to wear for the next day. This will allow you more time while you’re getting ready for other things, or just keep you from rushing around each morning. With all this extra time you’ll look fabulous all week long.


Find something you enjoy doing every single day.

I know with our busy schedules this can be hard to do, but try to find something small that can help you enjoy the day. Maybe it’s watching one of your favorite shows. Maybe it’s listening to your favorite podcast or playlist in the car on the way to work. Maybe you need to ditch your normal breakfast and make yourself a big fancy feast, or better yet, go out to eat for breakfast. Find something each day that will put you in a good mood.


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Make a playlist for each day of the week.

Instead of just listening to the same songs over and over again in the car, make a special playlist for each day of the week to listen to. Madonna Monday, Whitney Houston Wednesday, Funky Friday… shall I go on?

Let Monday be your cheat day.

If you’re dieting and have a cheat day, don’t use it up over the weekend. Use the extra time you have on the weekend to eat right and save your cheat day for Monday. It’ll make it easier to get out of bed knowing the deliciousness your day is about to reveal.


Whether it’s the week or the weekend try to enjoy every single day of your life in one way or another.

Earn Money Back With Ibotta

I am always skeptical when I hear the words “earn money back”. Okay, what am I going to have to sign up for? How much of this is believable?

With Ibotta, you really can get money back. Is it a lot? Nope, but for me it’s basically free money, and I use it every week that I go grocery shopping. No that we’ve added a third member to our family the grocery bill seems to be higher than ever, and this app has saved us money here and there after only using it one year. Let me tell you how it works.

Once you sign up for Ibotta you can browse tons of stores to see if you can find a rebate. It includes Uber, Amazon, Charlotte Russe, Target, Walmart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Thrive Market, CVS Pharmacy, Wegmans, Rite Aid, Babies R Us, Home Depot, Walgreens, Tops, Sam’s Club. I’m tired of listing them, but there are more.


Once you find your store, choose it and see if there is anything on there that you’ve purchased. Click the Plus Sign to add it to your items list. A lot of times they have “Any Item” which gives you $0.25 back just for making any purchase and showing your receipt.

They typically have at least one or two generic items like “Any Milk”, “Any Tomatoes”, “Any Baby Wipes”, that you may use, but for the most part they are specific brands. The Ibotta brands are always easy to see because they are white and pink. Below you can see the milk is an Ibotta brand, and the baby wipes is the other. I’ve made the most money off of random generic items more than anything else.

After you’ve gone through all the categories and checked which items you’ve purchased you will be asked to take a picture of your receipt, so make sure you have not throw that away. Make sure to capture the entire receipt. It usually takes me two or three pictures since our list is long. Sometimes the receipt may not catch some of the items you’ve checked, so you may have to click “Add Rebates” incase your milk or bananas were left off. Once you’re done click the “Collect Purchases” button, and you’re done. It will then tell you how much money was added to your account.

I don’t even look at the Ibotta app until after I’ve purchased my groceries. I found that if I looked at what was on there before I shopped I was buying something we didn’t need just to get the money back, and in the end I was spending more money. Now I use it and typically get about $0.25-$0.50 back a week just for doing my normal grocery shopping. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but all together I’ve made about $60.00 in the last year, from just doing my normal grocery shopping routine. You can only withdraw funds when they reach a $20.00 minimum. It’s easy, and I’m making money, so why not?!



If you have any questions or would like help setting it up, please contact me. I hope you’re able to utilize this simple way to get money soon.

The Cleaning Schedule That Finally Helped to Keep My House Clean

Alright people, when it comes to cleaning, I’m the freaking worst. I will pick up, tidy and organize any day of the week, but actually, physically cleaning makes me want to punch myself in the throat.


For the longest time I felt like every single time I cleaned it didn’t even do anything. I felt like all of a sudden within two days the house was a mess again, and I had to do it all over.

One of my new year resolutions was to be better about cleaning. Well that finally kicked into gear around April. I give all the credit to one simple list I created. This cleaning list, or cleaning schedule changed my life. It held me accountable for keeping all the parts of my house clean and organized. After creating this list I realized that I would even like to add more because it has helped me stay on top of my home.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I broke things up into daily, weekly, monthly, 3-6 months, and annual chores. When I made my list I plugged ALL of these things into my calendar app. At the beginning of the week I look for what needs to be done and BOOM! I try to get it out of the way ASAP. Here is an example of a cleaning schedule that works for us. Some things you may feel need to be cleaned sooner, or some not as often. All I know is my house is so much cleaner.

Daily Chores:

  1. Wipe down countertops
  2. Wash dishes
  3. Sweep kitchen
  4. Make bed
  5. Laundry (as needed)

Weekly Chores:

  1. Dust
  2. Clean bathroom
  3. Change bedding
  4. Vacuum
  5. Clean appliances
  6. Mop
  7. Clean mirrors
  8. Take out trash
  9. Clean coffee pot/coffeemaker
  10. Brush dog hair off the couch

Monthly Chores:

  1. Dust blinds
  2. Clean out fridge
  3. Wash shower curtain
  4. Wipe down doors
  5. Wipe down baseboards

3-6 Month Chores:

  1. Clean under and behind furniture
  2. Wash car
  3. Clean inside oven
  4. Clean inside microwave
  5. Clean windows
  6. Clean out vacuum

Annual Chores:

  1. Clean fireplace
  2. Deep clean carpets
  3. Clean curtains
  4. Clean around dryer vents
  5. Clean out gutters


What are some things I missed? Let me know!

How to Get Your Dog and Baby to Be BFF’s

Before my daughter came along we had our Saint Bernard, black lab mix, Jack. He is an awesome dog, and we are so lucky to have him. Like all dogs he has his quirks, and he’s not perfectly trained. The skill he is really the best at is doing any command on the first, second, third,  fourth try.


Because Jack wasn’t necessarily the perfect dog to bring a baby home to, I was a little worried about how he would get along with this new human that would be entering our home, but more importantly his home. He’s always been great with other kids in the neighborhood, but I thought I would do a little research on bringing a new baby home with a dog. Some things I found helpful; some not so much. Here are four things that worked well in our experience with bringing a baby home to our dog.


Prepare a little ahead of time.

I read you should walk the dog with the stroller a few times to get him used to how future walks might be. Let me tell you, it was good practice for both dog and mama. If your dog needs to be on a leash it’s good practice to figure out how you’re going to maneuver everything. We have a regular leash, but we also had a retractable leash. I found the retractable leash gave him more room, and he wasn’t forced to be close to the moving stroller all the time.

We also let Jack into the nursery a lot. Sometimes we would even bring him in there to play on the rug and show him it’s a fun space. To this day it’s one of his favorite places to relax. We also set up some of the baby items around the house (pack ‘n play, swing, etc.) to get him used to where some of these things would go.

I was told it’s good to let the dog smell some of the baby toys or clothes that had been washed in baby laundry detergent to get him used to new smells. Dogs are very keen to smells, so I’d like to think that this really prepared him for the newest arrival.


Don’t change the dogs designated space.

I know that babies come with a ton of stuff, but do your best to keep the dog items in the same places. This could include dog bed, food location, where the toys are kept, or even some of his favorite places to lay. At one point we thought we might move the basket of dog toys to a new spot, but we found he never touched them and instead started going up to the nursery and stealing baby toys. Once we moved his toys back it definitely helped make him feel at home again. He may steal an occasional baby toy here and there…


Have a fun, safe greeting when baby first arrives.

This helps if both parents are available. Let one parent hold the baby, while the other can worry about the dog. Try to stay very calm and excited to show the dog that this is a very exciting thing that’s happening. If the dog keeps getting too excited or aggressive just keep taking baby away and trying again. At some point the dog is likely to lose a little energy and sniff baby to see what this new adventure is all about.

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Always give the dog an escape route.

This is more for when the baby is at a crawling or walking point. Most likely your baby will want to play or crawl on your dog. In our experience our dog did not mind this with our daughter. He was so gentle as she tugged on his ear and pulled his tail. He took it like a champ.

There was one time he was trapped between her, her toy basket, and the couch. He had no way to escape. She began really tugging at him and he was sick of it with nowhere to go, so he barked really loud at her. Fortunately our daughter thought this was hilarious, but my husband and I could see the possibly of this escalating quickly. We let Jack out so he could get away, and he stayed in the other room for a little while.

After that we learned to always make sure he has a way to get out of a situation. If he is trapped or stuck with the baby we move something, or move her to make sure that if Jack is done being poked and prodded that he has a way to get out. This has made life easier for him, and safer for our daughter.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We are very lucky to have a dog who is so well behaved and loves our daughter. I hope that these tips will help you adjust to this exciting, new time in your life.

Go From the Couch to a 5K

Alright, for anyone that doesn’t know me I was literally the WORST athlete back in high school and college. I had never played a sport in my life. I played on both an intramural softball team and an intramural broomball team (basically hockey, but with gym shoes and brooms) in college, and was by far the most terrible member of our team, the entire league.

It was a running joke with my college friends how un-athletic I was. They’d go for a run and pop their head into my room, “Hey, I’m going for a run, want to join?” Yes, HAHA very funny.

One evening I was at a barbecue when a friend of a friend mentioned how she’d just finished this app called Couch to 5K or C25K. She said she had just ran a local 5K all thanks to this app, which she had recently tried out. I said to her, “How cool to be able to complete a 5K. Sometimes I wish I was a runner”. She looked at me and said, “Listen I know you didn’t know me before, but I was definitely not a runner. This app changed my life”.

Well girlfriend, it changed mine too. I gave it a try and sure enough it helped me go from barely even being able to run for a minute straight to literally running a 5K. I couldn’t believe it.

Okay, maybe I don’t hate running…

The app is an eight week program where you run three days out of the week. In all honestly I did end up completing it faster than that because I would typically run five times a week instead. Each session lasts about thirty minutes so it’s easy to get it done fairly quick.


When you start it has you alternating between walking and running. The first few sessions have you doing a minute of jogging and then 90 seconds of walking for the entire time. After a few sessions it will start extending the running time while still giving you walking breaks in between. When you alternate from running and walking a voice will tell you which step you are on so you don’t have to time yourself for each part. By the end of week 8 you should be able to run for about 30-40 minutes straight, which is about the extent of a 5K. It makes a green checkmark after each session you complete. Those little green checkmarks motivated me to keep going and complete each session.


If you’re interested in running I would recommend this app. It is a quick, easy way to get yourself in shape, and start running.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Good luck!


Easy and Cheap Classroom Gender Reveal

I never did a huge gender reveal with our family and friends. Looking back on it I wish I would have. There are so many neat ideas nowadays, like my friends who did confetti cannons!

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It’s a girl!

It’s always fun to share your gender reveal announcement with people, but sharing the news with children makes it even better. I was so excited to share the news of our baby’s gender with my students, and thought of an easy cheap way to do it. I wish I could have purchased small confetti cannons for each of my students, but made my own instead. While my students were sent to the library I got to work creating this fun way to announce.

I always keep Dixie Cups in my room. The ones I happened to buy were pink, green and blue. The students had previously guessed if they thought the baby was going to be a boy or girl. For the students that thought girl they got a pink cup, and the students that thought boy they got a blue cup.


I then cut pink construction paper into small confetti like pieces that the students would be able to throw up in the air.


After filling the cups with pink confetti paper, I took dark green, sparkly tape that could cover the cup. Because the tape was dark it made it easy to not see through the cup, even from the white bottom. I left part of the tape off the rim, so it would be easy for the students to rip it off when the big reveal came.


Once I picked my students up from the library and brought them back to the room they each had a cup on their desk. We took the cups outside, and I explained how to unveil the surprise. They were so excited!


I then told them I was going to count to three so they could look at the color inside. If it was pink it was a girl, if it was blue it was a boy. They’re adorable reactions were priceless!


I then counted to three one more time to allow them to throw the confetti in the air to show the final gender reveal!


It’s a girl! They were so excited, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share with them! Of course we then cleaned up our mess. I mean c’mon… it was Earth day.


What are some other fun ways to reveal the gender to your kiddos? Maybe I’ll start preparing myself for baby #2!



Four Helpful Tips I Learned About Parenting Before I Was A Parent

When I was pregnant there were plenty of questions constantly running through my head. Will I be a good mother? Will my kid be a jerk? What kind of food do kids eat when they start eating? Will I ever sleep again? Is my relationship with my husband going to completely change? Am I going to completely change?

That’s a lot to worry about, and that wasn’t even the start of it all.

You’d think with all these questions running through my brain I’d be one of those new moms who would read book after book to figure out each answer.


I only read one book. Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman.


This book answered a lot of my questions while also making me feel relieved that maybe not all my questions will be answered right away, and I may just have to learn the answers as I go. The entire book discussed raising a child in France and the differences between raising a child in a French culture versus raising a child in an American culture.

Let me just say I enjoyed this book so much that for a while I was truly trying to convince my husband to move to Paris. Well that didn’t happen. Here are a few points the book hits that really stuck with me.



1. Don’t forget you’re a person too.

Yes, you will change. Your body will change. Your schedule and routine will change. Your hormones will change (again). Your needs will change. MANY things about your life will change, but it’s also important to remember that you need to take care of yourself as well. You will naturally want to put your needs on the back burner and take care of that precious child. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But is it okay to have some alone time? YES. Is it okay to allow someone else take care of your child while you take that much needed nap? YES. Nap, nap, nap!

I hear so many people say, “Well now I’m a mom so I guess I can say goodbye to my old life”. Not true. Having a baby changes a lot, but it shouldn’t completely change the person you are. Adjust your old life to work with your new life. It is definitely easier said then done, but it can be accomplished. Find time for yourself, your needs, your significant other, and the things you enjoy.

2. Your baby is a real human.

I mean obviously. You grew that real human so you definitely understand the concept. But this book really hits on the fact that most people think of babies as these little people that are incapable of doing anything. You’d be surprised at how much your baby picks up, and how quickly. They are constantly growing, watching and learning.

Some people maybe don’t believe this, and I’m not going to lie at first I was definitely skeptical. Druckerman discusses the idea that if you talk to your child they really might understand. She says give your child a tour of your house when they first arrive home. Explain to your child what you’re doing, and why. If they start tearing books of the shelf, explain that we don’t do this in our house, and these need to be put back on the shelf. It worked for her children, and I truly think it is already working for my daughter.

When my daughter wakes up in the middle of the night and I know she is fed, changed and comfortable I have talked to her and said, “Everything is okay, you just need to relax and try to fall asleep”. Maybe it’s just the sound of my voice, but she has slowly learned to calm herself down and has been sleeping through the night since she was two months old. Druckerman gives other examples of this type of behavior in her book. Whether you believe it works or not, it’s worth a try right?

3. Wait, Wait… WAIT!

This is hard sometimes. REALLY hard. Obviously if your child is hungry… FEED him! If your child needs changed… CHANGE him! If your child needs attention… GIVE IT to him! I strongly encourage that, especially if they are a newborn. Newborns needs this attention.

But once you feel like you and your child have somewhat gotten to know each other and start a small routine, feel free to try the waiting game. If you know your child has all their needs met, give waiting a try. Babies have not learned many skills that may seem obvious to adults. One of those skills is soothing themselves, and learning how to fall back asleep.

When I heard my daughter cry in the middle of the night I would feed her, burp her, change her and get her back to sleep. When she would cry again 20 minutes I naturally had the urge to grab her and help her. Most times once I did this, she didn’t stop crying. I learned that if I just gave her even five minutes to cry she was learning how to cope with this upset feeling she had. Sometimes she would even fall back asleep on her own! If she didn’t fall back asleep she still had learned that it’s okay to cry for a little bit, and eventually mama will come to the rescue. Babies need to learn it’s okay to feel lonely, hungry, or upset because they are one day going to feel those emotions, even as adults. Those five minutes of waiting will not hurt them, it might even help them.

4. Your husband is still there.

As a new mom you want to put all of your attention on this new, adorable baby that needs you. You should. You should also give daddy some attention. Don’t let being a mother take away your role of being a wife.

Before baby my husband and I exchanged a hug and a kiss every morning before he left for work. After two weeks of our baby being home with us, I thought to myself, “When is the last time I kissed and hugged him goodbye in the morning?” Our mornings had turned into sleepy, screaming baby, hurry to change and feed mornings that even a simple kiss goodbye was not even a thought. One day I finally said to him, “WAIT! Kiss me goodbye!” I put the baby down for 30 seconds to kiss and hug him goodbye. Those 30 seconds did not ruin her morning, and it made my whole day completely better.

One tip Druckerman suggests is have adult time after baby goes to bed. I found this was hard at first because when the baby was sleeping I either had a million things to do or I wanted to sleep. Once we had a schedule down these evenings became such a great bonding time for my husband and I, and definitely much needed alone time as man and wife, not mom and dad.

My baby is not even a year old yet, and I have found her book so helpful in so many ways. There are other great ideas that she discusses as well. Ideas for introducing foods, how saying “no” is completely acceptable, and allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace. So if you’re looking for an amazing book to help give you ideas on any of these aspects or raising a child I would definitely recommend “Bringing Up Bébé” by Pamela Druckerman. You won’t regret it.


DIY Colorful World Map

Here and there I feel like getting a little crafty. The latest project was a DIY Colorful World Map. What better way to show our world than in a rainbow of color?

This was very easy, but extremely tedious. I made two, one black and one white. Personally I like the way the white one turned out better, but the black piece is what was used for the tutorial.


The first thing I did was buy a plain, wooden board at Michael’s, along with colorful paints, and paint brushes.


I painted the board completely over with the different colored paints. For the white map I mixed together the colors so it looked like a faded rainbow of color on the whole board. For the black map I painted different colored strips all over the board without mixing it perfectly. For both maps I never even washed my brush, I just kept mixing the colors.

Next I printed a map of the world from my computer. You could use anything design, written out text in Word, or any picture you wanted to do this project. I flipped the paper over to the blank side and shaded over any of the printed continents.


Once the back was shaded I flipped it back to the correct side and laid the paper down over the dry rainbow painted board. Because the back was now shaded I traced the edges of the continents onto the board. The shading from the back left a mark on on the paper so I knew exactly where the lines where.


Once all the lines were traced onto the board, I painted around the edges of the continents with the white or black. The white needed to be done at least two times, if not more in certain areas because of its light color, but the black only needed to be painted over once.

When painting the white was much easier to see the lines than the black.


If you’re interested in purchasing either one, please check out my Etsy shop to see if they’re still available!


Let me know if you have any questions!


15 Easy Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

My life is busy. I’m a teacher by day, mom by night, and there is this guy I live with that I occasionally see that goes by “husband” or something.

I’m so guilty of putting my daughter first, at times myself and sometimes even my students before my wonderful husband. He works so hard, and does so much for our family.

One night after a very busy day, we got into bed and I thought to myself, “Have I even asked about his day yet? Have we hugged or kissed today? Have I even said ‘I love you’ at all?”

I realized WHOA. Step back and reevaluate this. It’s time for bed and you’re not even sure if you’ve had a meaningful conversation, a quick “I love you”, or better yet a simple hug or kiss. Either something has to stop, or something has to start because this is not okay. I wanted to find more ways to show my husband that I love and appreciate him.

Thank him.

Thank him for something he’s done. Even if it’s small. Even if it’s something he SHOULD be doing, and SHOULD NOT need to be thanked for. Whatever it was, he did it and he will appreciate being thanked for it.

Help him.

Ask him if he needs help with something. Even if he doesn’t he will appreciate that you asked.

Apologize to him.

There is no shame is owning up to something you did or something you forgot. Mistakes happen. Apologizing about a fight, a crazy outburst, a minor thing you forgot, anything that you’re sorry about. He will respect you for taking responsibility.

Leave him a small note.

Everyone loves getting a letter or small note. Leave him a little note somewhere surprising to tell him you love him or you’re thinking about him.

Buy something special for him.

I’m not saying go buy him an expensive watch or a car. If you’re at the grocery store and you see some beef jerky that you don’t usually get, buy it for him. Unexpected ways of showing him you were thinking about him (well, and beef jerky) will make his day.

Send him a quick message.

A quick call, text, email, Facebook message, to just say I love you will put a smile on his face.

Compliment him.

It needs to be genuine. Are you proud of his work ethic? Does he look good in that shirt? Was that a funny dad joke? Whatever it is compliment him. It will go a long way.

Plan something for him.

Maybe it’s just a dinner for the two of you to enjoy. Maybe it’s a cards night for him and the guys. Maybe it’s a surprise birthday party. He will love that you took the time to think about him in some way.

Cook his favorite meal.

Figure out his favorite meal and cook it every once and a while. Don’t save it for a special occasion, do it just because you knew he’d love it.

Check something off his to-do list.

Now don’t go meddling around in his workshop or shed if you’re clueless, but if you know he needs to get something done that you can handle, do it for him. Take a chore that he usually completes and get it out of the way for him.

Let him pick.

If you’re a person that usually picks everything let him choose something. Watch a scary movie he’s been dying to see even though you hate them, or go to a weird restaurant that he’s into even though you could care less about it.

Grab his hand.

Out in public without the kids tugging at your hands? Go for his. Nothing like a sweet, public display of affection to show your love.

Listen to him.

Sometimes he will just need to vent or tell a story. I know life is busy, but if you’re constantly doing other things while he talks, he may feel like a burden or unappreciated. Stop and just listen to him.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Find one time of the day that you start kissing him every day. Maybe it’s in the morning before work, before you go to sleep, before you sit down to eat dinner, after dinner cleanup (hopefully it’s all of those and more). Finding at least one consistent moment in the day to give that husband a smooch will be the highlight of both of your days.

Tell him you love him.

Probably the easiest way to show your husband you love him is by telling him that you love him. Feel free to give him more than just, “I love you”. Be honest and truthful about all the reasons you love him. You don’t have to list them all at once, but make sure he knows why.


(Husbands glasses are from Warby Parker)

56 Date Ideas to Check Off Your List

How many bridal showers have you been to where they asked you to write a “date idea” on a popsicle stick or notecard? Probably about 2,397.

Are you serious? I can barely come up with my own date ideas that are interesting let alone find something fun for a different couple with different interests. I literally write “go out to dinner” every single time. Take that, bridal shower!

Although one bridal shower after writing my usual lame date idea I thought to myself, “If I wasn’t being such a sarcastic jerk, what would I write as my real date idea?”

I had no idea. All my ideas were basic or boring. I thought, “So this is why brides make other people come up with their own date ideas for them”. I took some time to think about the things my husband and I enjoy doing, and the things that our area offers. I did come up with a few that we have either tried or have added to our date night to-do list.

  1. Go gamble! Have a local Casino? Go in with a certain amount of money and see what you leave with.
  2. Grab a drink, or two or three. If you have a local winery or brewery go have a tour together and find a drink you both enjoy to bring home.
  3. Ride some rides. Travel to the nearest amusement park for some rollercoaster rides.
  4. Take a class together. Cooking, horseback riding, dancing, whatever you think would be fun to try.
  5. Find a local Escape Room and see if you can make it out in an hour.
  6. Go to a local ghost tour.
  7. Rent a cart and go golfing.
  8. Go to some silly dinner theater event like Medieval Times.
  9. Do a 5K together. Are you runners? Even if you’re not there are some fun 5K’s out there that you could try. It would definitely be okay to even walk!
  10. Ice cream date!
  11. Go to a local movie theater or local theater to see a popular movie or a performance.
  12. Rent bikes to ride around the city, or on a trail.
  13. Grab some gear and go for a hike.
  14. Go to a local sports event. Basketball, hockey, baseball, football, anything! It’s way more fun to watch sports in person than on TV.
  15. Volunteer somewhere together.
  16. Go ice skating. It’s even more fun if you’re both terrible.
  17. Netflix and chill, baby.
  18. Go snowshoeing.
  19. Putt-putt is where it’s at.
  20. Go bowling together.
  21. Buy a tent and go camping. Don’t forget the bug spray.
  22. Go swinging at a local park. You know you still love swinging.
  23. Laser tag guys, laser tag.
  24. Go kayaking together.
  25. Do a couples wine and paint night together to make paintings that go together.
  26. Go on a walking tour of your town together.
  27. Beach days are the best days.
  28. Go have fun at the arcade.
  29. Travel for a weekend getaway.
  30. Grab your winter gear and go skiing together.
  31. Embarrass yourselves at Karaoke.
  32. Stop by and see the animals at your local zoo.
  33. Pack yourself a meal and have a picnic.
  34. Go to an art gallery.
  35. Rent a boat for the day, or enjoy an extra challenge by renting a sail boat.
  36. Go work out together.
  37. Have fun geocaching.
  38. Go fishing together.
  39. Visit a museum.
  40. Go berry or apple picking together.
  41. Hot air balloon ride if it’s possible.
  42. Ride the waves! Go paddle boarding together.
  43. Have a game night competition.
  44. Go to a concert.
  45. Play truth or dare… if you dare.
  46. Have a date to remember and get tattoos together.
  47. Video game night. Who truly is better at Mario Kart?
  48. Have a photoshoot with a local photographer.
  49. Get lost in a corn maze.
  50. Build a snowman or something else interesting.
  51. Massages!
  52. Be those people and complete a puzzle.
  53. Go to an aquarium.
  54. Get cozy at the drive-in.
  55. Get hot chocolate and drive around to look at Christmas lights.
  56. Oh and don’t forget… go out to dinner.

Can you figure out which ones my husband and I have tried?