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How I Get Motivated to Run

If you are anything like me the worst part of running is getting ready to run. From putting on my clothes to walking out the door I procrastinate like no other. Some days it takes me longer to get ready for a run than it actually takes me to run, and it’s not because I’m a fast runner.

The funny thing is that once I’m actually running I don’t mind it, and when I finish a run I’m glad I did it. Because of this I’ve come up with some ways to motivate myself before the run.

Buy running clothes you’re excited to wear.

Yes that’s right, I’m telling you to go shopping! Go get yourself some workout gear that is comfortable, and fun to wear while you run. It will make you so excited to want to use them. Don’t go using your old gym shoes that give you blisters, or you will never be motivated to run.

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Jacket: Nordstrom | Shirt: Under Armour | Leggings: Nordstrom | Shoes: Nike | Bra: Nordstrom

Find a route you love to run.

After you’ve gone running a few times, find a route that you just love to run. Who cares if it is the same route every single time. If you’re happy that’s all that matters.

My favorite place to run is a local cemetery that is gorgeous, flat and has fall leaves for days.

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Have a playlist you run to, and even a playlist you get ready to run to.

Some people don’t like to listen to music while they run, but that is what keeps me motivated and on pace. I have started using the “Running” feature on Spotify which gives you music that you can run to at a certain pace. All the songs mesh together into the same beat so you never have to change your running rhythm.

If you need some motivation before your run make a playlist to listen to that gets you pumped for what you’re about to accomplish.

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Untangling headphones sometimes takes longer than the actual run.

Whether your runs are short, long, flat, hilly, hard or easy at least you’re running and staying healthy. If you can get passed the pre-run procrastinating you can do anything you set your mind to.


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Go From the Couch to a 5K

Alright, for anyone that doesn’t know me I was literally the WORST athlete back in high school and college. I had never played a sport in my life. I played on both an intramural softball team and an intramural broomball team (basically hockey, but with gym shoes and brooms) in college, and was by far the most terrible member of our team, the entire league.

It was a running joke with my college friends how un-athletic I was. They’d go for a run and pop their head into my room, “Hey, I’m going for a run, want to join?” Yes, HAHA very funny.

One evening I was at a barbecue when a friend of a friend mentioned how she’d just finished this app called Couch to 5K or C25K. She said she had just ran a local 5K all thanks to this app, which she had recently tried out. I said to her, “How cool to be able to complete a 5K. Sometimes I wish I was a runner”. She looked at me and said, “Listen I know you didn’t know me before, but I was definitely not a runner. This app changed my life”.

Well girlfriend, it changed mine too. I gave it a try and sure enough it helped me go from barely even being able to run for a minute straight to literally running a 5K. I couldn’t believe it.

Okay, maybe I don’t hate running…

The app is an eight week program where you run three days out of the week. In all honestly I did end up completing it faster than that because I would typically run five times a week instead. Each session lasts about thirty minutes so it’s easy to get it done fairly quick.


When you start it has you alternating between walking and running. The first few sessions have you doing a minute of jogging and then 90 seconds of walking for the entire time. After a few sessions it will start extending the running time while still giving you walking breaks in between. When you alternate from running and walking a voice will tell you which step you are on so you don’t have to time yourself for each part. By the end of week 8 you should be able to run for about 30-40 minutes straight, which is about the extent of a 5K. It makes a green checkmark after each session you complete. Those little green checkmarks motivated me to keep going and complete each session.


If you’re interested in running I would recommend this app. It is a quick, easy way to get yourself in shape, and start running.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Good luck!