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A, B to JAY-Z

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Margot has been obsessed with the alphabet lately, so when The Little Homie reached out to us about two of their books we could not resist. One of their best sellers is a book called, “A, B to JAY-Z” and is a children’s book about the alphabet. Each page represents a rapper or singer that begins with that letter and shows a picture of them doing something, usually with the letter that correlates with them.

Another book The Little Homie sells is called, “1, 2, 3 with the Notorious B.I.G“, and counts up to twenty with different rappers as well. Each page shows a different rapper doing something with a different number starting from one to twenty and goes along with lyrics to one of their songs.

I love that these books are made for children, but definitely are a fun read for their millennial parents who grew up with a lot of these singers and rappers. It is also such a great way to spread some diversity and culture into a child’s home library, especially because every caricature in these books is a real person.

These books are the perfect thing for your child, but would also make a fabulous baby shower gift! You should definitely check out The Little Homie, and more of their amazing books on their site!

Baby reading

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Fall Festivities

Corn MazeCornFall CornCorn kernelsToddler FunFall FunAutumnPumpkinsMommy and meFallFall Pumpkins

Margot’s Outfit // Sweater: Nordstrom | Pants: Old Navy | Boots: Nordstrom

Mama’s Outfit // Fleece: Groopdealz | Jeans: Nordstrom | Boots: Nordstrom

There is nothing better than fall in our book! From playing in the corn, traveling through the corn maze and picking out pumpkins we got to do tons of our favorite fall activities today.

I am trying to soak up these last few weeks of just being the two of us before our new little pumpkin decides to join in.

Happy Fall Y’all!

Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch 2Pumpkin

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Sink Baths with Aveeno

Sink Baths

Word to the wise for all you pregnant mothers out there reading this; sink baths will change your life.

The other day I realized two things. The first is that this little girl is two, and only has a limited number of sink baths left in her life. Soon enough she will not be able to fit in this sink and enjoy this cozy little kitchen environment for her baths.

The second thing I realized is that a bath in the kitchen sink is so much easier for this pregnant mama than a normal bath. I don’t have to awkwardly bend over while my ever-growing belly runs into the side of the tub. This has been so much easier on my back, and sometimes while she’s playing in there I can even get things done around the kitchen. That’s what I call a win-win.

Another win-win is Aveeno. We’ve been using Aveeno baby wash and shampoo, as well Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion and absolutely love it. The baby wash and shampoo blend natural oat extract into a rich lathering wash that cleans without drying. It’s so gentle on skin and hair and leaves a soft fresh baby smell that I simply cannot resist.

Aveeno’s baby lotion helps to soothe and protect my daughter’s delicate skin. It is naturally nourishing and the non-greasy formula absorbs quickly. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and is so gentle for daily use. My daughter’s skin has never been smoother.

I know my daughter won’t stay little forever, so I am enjoying these beautiful moments while I still can.

Sink BathAveeno Sink Bath

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A Healthy Pregnancy with Promise Prenatal


Every week I use an app on my phone to determine what size the baby is, how the baby’s body is developing, and any common pregnancy symptoms this mama may be feeling as well. It always amazes me to see the different senses baby is developing, and how this little human is continually growing inside my own body.

It can be a lot of pressure for a pregnant mama to make sure that she is staying healthy, eating right, and getting enough exercise. That’s why it’s a relief to know that companies like Promise Prenatal put mothers and babies first with every single product they create.

Promise Prenatal has created prenatal vitamins for each trimester with mom and baby in mind, including before pregnancy as well as postpartum. Currently, I am taking the Stage 2 vitamins which I will take through the second and third trimesters. Stage 2 follows the recommendations from the National Institute of Medicine to increase iron at the beginning of your second trimester to help prevent anemia, which is common later in pregnancy. It also provides higher concentrations of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium which mother and baby need during this period of extraordinary growth, and is made from all natural ingredients.

bump.jpgPregnancy Bump

I have also been using Promise Prenatal’s Stretch Mark & Scar Oil. Every time I get out of the shower I rub a little on my growing bump to help prevent stretch marks. It is made from 100% organic oils and helps to maintain healthy, soft & supple skin throughout this pregnancy. Because this is my second pregnancy it feels as though everything is growing so much faster than before. I am so thankful to have this stretch mark oil to help prevent any unwanted stretch marks and lines.

One of my favorite things about Promise Prenatal is that with every purchase they give a mom in a developing country prenatal nutrition. They are a company that truly cares for the health and well being of all mothers and babies.

I may not be the perfect pregnant mother, but Promise Prenatal makes it so much easier knowing I am taking something healthy and safe for my baby and I.

Prenatal VitaminsPregnancyPregnancy vitamins

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Margot’s Second Birthday!

Birthday Girl

I cannot believe this little girl is already TWO! Everyone told me, “don’t blink, it goes so fast!”, but I did not think time would move as quickly as it has!

We had a fabulous, simple birthday for Margot. Just a small family party, with pizza and wings and a few yummy snacks.

My proud mama moment was the Princess Sofia cupcakes that we made for her. She has been obsessed with Princess Sofia. After making the cupcakes, we made a homemade purple buttercream that we piped along the top. We then placed candy pearls along the cupcake to look like Princess Sofia’s dress. For the birthday girl, we cut out a small Sofia from the waist up and placed her on a special cupcake to make it look like the cupcake was her dress. It turned out better than I could have imagined, and the whole process was so easy!

Princess Sofia CupcakesPrincess Sofia Birthday Cupcakes

I also received so many compliments on Margot’s dress which we got on sale at Old Navy for so cheap. I loved the color, but also how simple the dress was.

Toddler Birthday

We did not go overboard for this party and I am so glad. It was perfectly simple just the way we liked it, and it could not have been a more beautiful day to celebrate our little girl.

Second Birthday Partysecond-birthday.jpg

Mama’s Dress linked here.

Birthday Party

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5 Reasons Why You Need the Kiyari Changing Pad Clutch

Cute clutch

If you’ve been reading my blog over the last year you know I’m all about keeping things simple. Our birthdays and holidays are never over the top, our matching outfits are pretty easy, and my home is pretty darn simple as well.

Do you know what’s not simple? Running errands with a toddler.

There are so many times that I run errands with my daughter, lug our huge diaper bag around, and only use the essentials inside of it; diapers and wipes. One day I realized, “why am I lugging this thing around, sometimes even with a purse, and always with a toddler who is constantly on the go?”

That was when Kiyari reached out to me about their adorable portable diaper changing pad that folds into a clutch, and I knew I just couldn’t resist. This thing is a life saver for this simple pregnant mama for a few reasons.

My daughter can carry it.

Yes, you heard me right. My daughter can be the one to lug our belongings around. She is always independent and helpful, and if mama is holding something she wants to be the one to carry it. She could never hold the diaper bag or my purse because it was simply to big for her, but she can carry this clutch around with no problem. Everything is zipped into place, and all she has to do is throw that strap around her little arm and she is one happy camper. The best part is, when she chooses to carry the clutch, the only thing I have to worry about is carrying her. #winwin

Diaper bagBaby productsBaby essentialsKiayari BabyMother daughter

It can hold all the essentials that we need.

When I run errands I love to only bring the essentials that I need. That typically includes my phone, debit card, license, cash, keys, diapers, wipes and possibly a few small toys for my daughter to play with. This clutch easily holds everything we need inside. I truly couldn’t believe that I fit everything in there so comfortably. I put all of my essentials on the outside pocket, while the diapers and wipes went in an inside pocket.

Simple diaper bagDiaper bagsEasy diaper bagDiapers and wipes

It provides extra padding for changing your child.

Changing your baby in public is never a fun experience for anybody. When you open up to use the clutch as a changing pad, it has extra padding to make it more comfortable for your child while they are being changed in this unique setting. It also is extra long and waterproof. The material is non-toxic and so durable compared to other pads. It even has a small built in pillow to protect your child’s head on that changing table.

The pad is also extremely easy to clean, and can even be detached from the body for easier cleaning.

Lunch datehappy-baby.jpgCute clutch mommy

It can clip onto objects.

The strap that you can use around your wrist has a clip that makes it easy for you to clip around things, such as a stroller or grocery store handle. That way you don’t have to worry about losing or dropping it while you’re running errands, shopping or traveling with your little one.

Cute diaper bag

It’s just plain cute.

This clutch is way cuter than my purse or my daughter’s diaper bag. I absolutely love the black and white arrow pattern, and how easily is fit right on my wrist, or could just burrow under my arm as I walked with my daughter. It is gender neutral and super modern. You don’t need to sacrifice your cute style to carry around your baby’s essentials!

Mommy and me

Kiyari is now offering one lucky winner a chance to win this free portable changing pad clutch! All you need to do is the following:

  1. Follow brittalivengood and kiyaribaby on Instagram
  2. Like the photo of the Kiyari clutch changing pad
  3. Tag three friends in the comments

Check out Kiyari’s website to learn more about their family owned business. Also check out their Instagram as well as their Facebook page.


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Painting With Feathers For Less Than $10

Ideas for Toddlers

Well today we thought we’d go colonial style and paint… with feathers. If men and women could write letters to one another with a feather and ink for hundreds of years, why not give painting with one a try too?

My daughter loved it! It was something different instead of boring old paint brushes, or her fingers. Besides, between the paint and the feathers the entire activity cost me less than $10 at Michaels. This little paint session kept her busy for over an hour, which was awesome.

I loved the neon paint we bought, and her pictures turned out so cute because the paint was so colorful and vibrant. The pack of feathers worked great as well. There were so many sizes and tons of them, so we tried to pick big ones that were easy to paint with.

If you’re looking for something fun and easy to do with your toddler I would highly recommend this fun activity.

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