15 Easy Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

My life is busy. I’m a teacher by day, mom by night, and there is this guy I live with that I occasionally see that goes by “husband” or something.

I’m so guilty of putting my daughter first, at times myself and sometimes even my students before my wonderful husband. He works so hard, and does so much for our family.

One night after a very busy day, we got into bed and I thought to myself, “Have I even asked about his day yet? Have we hugged or kissed today? Have I even said ‘I love you’ at all?”

I realized WHOA. Step back and reevaluate this. It’s time for bed and you’re not even sure if you’ve had a meaningful conversation, a quick “I love you”, or better yet a simple hug or kiss. Either something has to stop, or something has to start because this is not okay. I wanted to find more ways to show my husband that I love and appreciate him.

Thank him.

Thank him for something he’s done. Even if it’s small. Even if it’s something he SHOULD be doing, and SHOULD NOT need to be thanked for. Whatever it was, he did it and he will appreciate being thanked for it.

Help him.

Ask him if he needs help with something. Even if he doesn’t he will appreciate that you asked.

Apologize to him.

There is no shame is owning up to something you did or something you forgot. Mistakes happen. Apologizing about a fight, a crazy outburst, a minor thing you forgot, anything that you’re sorry about. He will respect you for taking responsibility.

Leave him a small note.

Everyone loves getting a letter or small note. Leave him a little note somewhere surprising to tell him you love him or you’re thinking about him.

Buy something special for him.

I’m not saying go buy him an expensive watch or a car. If you’re at the grocery store and you see some beef jerky that you don’t usually get, buy it for him. Unexpected ways of showing him you were thinking about him (well, and beef jerky) will make his day.

Send him a quick message.

A quick call, text, email, Facebook message, to just say I love you will put a smile on his face.

Compliment him.

It needs to be genuine. Are you proud of his work ethic? Does he look good in that shirt? Was that a funny dad joke? Whatever it is compliment him. It will go a long way.

Plan something for him.

Maybe it’s just a dinner for the two of you to enjoy. Maybe it’s a cards night for him and the guys. Maybe it’s a surprise birthday party. He will love that you took the time to think about him in some way.

Cook his favorite meal.

Figure out his favorite meal and cook it every once and a while. Don’t save it for a special occasion, do it just because you knew he’d love it.

Check something off his to-do list.

Now don’t go meddling around in his workshop or shed if you’re clueless, but if you know he needs to get something done that you can handle, do it for him. Take a chore that he usually completes and get it out of the way for him.

Let him pick.

If you’re a person that usually picks everything let him choose something. Watch a scary movie he’s been dying to see even though you hate them, or go to a weird restaurant that he’s into even though you could care less about it.

Grab his hand.

Out in public without the kids tugging at your hands? Go for his. Nothing like a sweet, public display of affection to show your love.

Listen to him.

Sometimes he will just need to vent or tell a story. I know life is busy, but if you’re constantly doing other things while he talks, he may feel like a burden or unappreciated. Stop and just listen to him.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Find one time of the day that you start kissing him every day. Maybe it’s in the morning before work, before you go to sleep, before you sit down to eat dinner, after dinner cleanup (hopefully it’s all of those and more). Finding at least one consistent moment in the day to give that husband a smooch will be the highlight of both of your days.

Tell him you love him.

Probably the easiest way to show your husband you love him is by telling him that you love him. Feel free to give him more than just, “I love you”. Be honest and truthful about all the reasons you love him. You don’t have to list them all at once, but make sure he knows why.


(Husbands glasses are from Warby Parker)


56 Date Ideas to Check Off Your List

How many bridal showers have you been to where they asked you to write a “date idea” on a popsicle stick or notecard? Probably about 2,397.

Are you serious? I can barely come up with my own date ideas that are interesting let alone find something fun for a different couple with different interests. I literally write “go out to dinner” every single time. Take that, bridal shower!

Although one bridal shower after writing my usual lame date idea I thought to myself, “If I wasn’t being such a sarcastic jerk, what would I write as my real date idea?”

I had no idea. All my ideas were basic or boring. I thought, “So this is why brides make other people come up with their own date ideas for them”. I took some time to think about the things my husband and I enjoy doing, and the things that our area offers. I did come up with a few that we have either tried or have added to our date night to-do list.

  1. Go gamble! Have a local Casino? Go in with a certain amount of money and see what you leave with.
  2. Grab a drink, or two or three. If you have a local winery or brewery go have a tour together and find a drink you both enjoy to bring home.
  3. Ride some rides. Travel to the nearest amusement park for some rollercoaster rides.
  4. Take a class together. Cooking, horseback riding, dancing, whatever you think would be fun to try.
  5. Find a local Escape Room and see if you can make it out in an hour.
  6. Go to a local ghost tour.
  7. Rent a cart and go golfing.
  8. Go to some silly dinner theater event like Medieval Times.
  9. Do a 5K together. Are you runners? Even if you’re not there are some fun 5K’s out there that you could try. It would definitely be okay to even walk!
  10. Ice cream date!
  11. Go to a local movie theater or local theater to see a popular movie or a performance.
  12. Rent bikes to ride around the city, or on a trail.
  13. Grab some gear and go for a hike.
  14. Go to a local sports event. Basketball, hockey, baseball, football, anything! It’s way more fun to watch sports in person than on TV.
  15. Volunteer somewhere together.
  16. Go ice skating. It’s even more fun if you’re both terrible.
  17. Netflix and chill, baby.
  18. Go snowshoeing.
  19. Putt-putt is where it’s at.
  20. Go bowling together.
  21. Buy a tent and go camping. Don’t forget the bug spray.
  22. Go swinging at a local park. You know you still love swinging.
  23. Laser tag guys, laser tag.
  24. Go kayaking together.
  25. Do a couples wine and paint night together to make paintings that go together.
  26. Go on a walking tour of your town together.
  27. Beach days are the best days.
  28. Go have fun at the arcade.
  29. Travel for a weekend getaway.
  30. Grab your winter gear and go skiing together.
  31. Embarrass yourselves at Karaoke.
  32. Stop by and see the animals at your local zoo.
  33. Pack yourself a meal and have a picnic.
  34. Go to an art gallery.
  35. Rent a boat for the day, or enjoy an extra challenge by renting a sail boat.
  36. Go work out together.
  37. Have fun geocaching.
  38. Go fishing together.
  39. Visit a museum.
  40. Go berry or apple picking together.
  41. Hot air balloon ride if it’s possible.
  42. Ride the waves! Go paddle boarding together.
  43. Have a game night competition.
  44. Go to a concert.
  45. Play truth or dare… if you dare.
  46. Have a date to remember and get tattoos together.
  47. Video game night. Who truly is better at Mario Kart?
  48. Have a photoshoot with a local photographer.
  49. Get lost in a corn maze.
  50. Build a snowman or something else interesting.
  51. Massages!
  52. Be those people and complete a puzzle.
  53. Go to an aquarium.
  54. Get cozy at the drive-in.
  55. Get hot chocolate and drive around to look at Christmas lights.
  56. Oh and don’t forget… go out to dinner.

Can you figure out which ones my husband and I have tried?