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Mommy and Me Matching Breakfasts

There have been plenty of posts about my daughter and I matching, but we also like to match when it comes to meals.

Before my baby I did not eat healthy. I ate what was convenient. Sometimes that just meant quick and easy spaghetti or tacos, other nights it meant even quicker and easier pizza or take-out. I didn’t think about the different kinds of foods I should be intaking. I would literally go days without consuming a vegetable. When my daughter was born, I ate even worse. Fast food and takeout was so much easier than thinking about what to eat, and those big, juicy burgers filled me up with so many calories when I was breastfeeding.

But everything changed when she began eating real food too. I had to start really thinking about what she should be eating, and it made me realize that I needed to take better care of myself as well. If I was going above and beyond to make sure my daughter was eating healthy, shouldn’t I be treating my body the same way?

Here are some healthier meal options I’ve been using for my daughter and I.

(Disclaimer: I am by no means a doctor. It is important to consult your doctor before jumping into the stage of eating real food. Also if you do begin feeding your child food, make sure you are in the room with them while they eat, as well as give the child appropriate size pieces to avoid choking.)


Banana, strawberry, kiwi
Clementines, eggs, avocado, toast
Pancakes, banana, strawberry

Check out this pancake recipe made with baby’s leftover rice cereal.

Peanut butter banana toast with a little cinnamon (coffee for mama)


Other matching meal ideas we’ve eaten include:

  • tons of other fruits & veggies
  • yogurt
  • oatmeal
  • omelets or other egg dishes
  • cottage cheese


Stay tuned for matching lunch and dinner meals!

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The Sippy Cup I Want To Steal From My Daughter

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When it comes to sippy cups my daughter definitely has a new favorite. She loves her Twist Shake sippy cup, and I can certainly see why because even I want to use it.

Twist Shake is a company in Sweden that has recently expanded their sales to the United States. They not only have the best sippy cups, but they have adorable tableware as well. From spoons and forks to plates and cups this company has made it their mission to make sure your baby is eating happy and healthy. They are BPA-free and have so many beautiful colors to choose from.

This sippy cup from Twist Shake is no ordinary sippy cup. Although it can be used like a regular sippy cup, it’s most amazing feature is that it is a mini fruit infuser for your baby.

Twist Shake offers free shipping on orders over $25, and your order is shipped within 1-3 business days. When you use the code brittalivengood20 you save 20% off your purchase! This is the perfect gift for a baby shower or a christmas gift for a little one you know.

Let me tell you about this awesome little cup.

For an easy fruit infused water recipe just add one or two strawberries and about half a lemon.

It’s so easy to use.

This cup could not be easier to use. It’s easy to open, clean, put in fruit and easy for your baby to suck on. Once the fruit is cut up, place it inside, add water and shake. This cup is so simple!

Chopped fruit placed in cup

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It’s healthy for your child.

Not only is your child staying hydrated with water, but they are getting the infused waters’ healthy antioxidants and vitamins from those yummy fruits. If your child does not usually drink water, this sneaky cup will get them to start!

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Mess free is the way to be.

The sippy cup comes with a plastic insert so water can only exit when the child sucks on it. This means that it is a “no spill” cup, which makes one happy mama.

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Baby can carry it herself.

There is a hook at the top so it’s easy for mom or baby to carry around. Some of the smaller cups even have side handles so it’s easy for them to grip.

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This cup even got MAMA drinking more water!

After cutting up some yummy fruit for my daughter’s drink there was still plenty left over to throw into my drink as well! This Twist Shake cup is giving me a reason to drink more water for myself also.

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A huge thank you to Twist Shake for partnering with me on this post. My daughter and I both love this cup for many reasons. All opinions are my own.

Don’t forget to check out their site and use the code brittalivengood20 for 20% off your purchase!

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Baby Pancake Recipe

This morning while Margot was still sleeping I thought I’d clean out our corner cupboard because that thing is a hot mess. I found some rice cereal and some oatmeal cereal that we’ve had in there for a little while. She hasn’t eaten those in a long time, and now that she’s eating normal food I thought maybe I should just get rid of them.

I decided to see if there were any recipes I could use these with. I’m glad I did because I found an awesome pancake recipe from Must Have Mom that uses both of them. Unfortunately I didn’t have all the ingredients for these to make this morning, so I slightly adapted it so my daughter could eat pancakes when she woke up.



  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup rice cereal
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal cereal
  • 2 cup formula, breastmilk or cow’s milk (if baby is over 12 months old)
  • 1 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted
  • 2 egg yolks
  • Additional milk to thin batter


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl until combined.
  2. Add additional milk, formula or breastmilk to thin batter as needed until you reach pancake batter consistency.
  3. Pour batter onto hot griddle and cook until bottom side is golden brown. Flip and cook for only about 30 seconds to 1 minute and remove pancake from griddle onto a plate.
  4. Top with bananas and strawberries (cut up if needed for baby/toddler)


I used the batter to make six pancakes. I gave one to my daughter, and saved the other five. This will allow us to use the pancakes all week long! The original recipe says that the pancakes freeze well if you chose to save them for longer periods of time.

When I use this again I will take the advice from the original recipe to use pureed food as toppings as well to give it a little more flavor.


We dumped the bowl and just went to town on the tray.