The Sweetest Lovey from Lynn and Grace

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When I was approached by the owner of the shop Lynn and Grace about receiving a small lovey for my newborn I couldn’t say no! All the items in her shop are so sweet, and I loved that her shop’s name came from the middle names of her two daughters. Nothing is cuter than adorable family shops!

I had never heard the term “lovey” before, so I looked more into it on her site. A lovey is a small blanket that is created for your little one to easily snuggle and hold close. They can be easily thrown into the diaper bag, stroller or car seat and are easy for your little one to hold without fear of being too much for them to hold like a blanket.

I received my adorable Woodland Lovey before my daughter was even born. I could not believe how soft both sides were! The fabric side had the sweetest woodland pattern on it, and the faux fur was so comfortable to touch. I also love that it has a small looped ribbon attached making it easier to hook it on to a stroller, or even around your little ones arm so they don’t lose it. Now that Colette is here, she loves laying with this soft fur on her!

Currently, the Woodland Lovey I received is out of stock, but she has so many other ones to choose from as well as teethers and bonnets for your little one. Right now she is doing a buy one get one sale, and you can get free shipping when you use the code “BrittaShip”. Check out her adorable shop today!

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The Sweetest Baby Accessories with Lila & Lilly

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Recently I found the cutest little Etsy shop called Lila & Lilly. She makes the cutest little accessories for babies. Her shop sells swaddle sets, bows, bow turbans, and more. I received a swaddle blanket and a bow turban for my newborn little girl, and I am already obsessed with both!

The poly-spandex fabric makes it so easy to swaddle and hold your baby. It is so lightweight and buttery soft that I don’t want to put her down when she is wearing it! I am so excited that it is so stretchy because we will be using this sweet turban for as long as we can.

Check out her Etsy shop as well as her Instagram account to find more of her adorable items. These would make a beautiful baby shower gift, or would be perfect for your own sweet newborn!

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A huge thank you to Lila & Lilly for sponsoring this post and for having the most adorable baby accessories! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


A Simple Book of Firsts


Before my daughter was born a family friend purchased the most adorable baby book to keep track of her monthly interests and accomplishments. I tried my best to stay up to date each month, but have to admit that sometimes I would fall behind. I can say I have finally caught up to her twelfth month and am off the hook for a little while. I can’t even imagine how terrible I am going to be whenever I need to start keeping track of baby number two’s firsts.

The baby book given to us included all of the before birth and during the hospital stay information. It then gave some information for each month from when she was born until she was twelve months old. Now it still has pages from her first birthday until her first day of school (how come I feel like I will be filling that page out before I know it!)

I love this book because it is simple, easy and so adorable. Snag this cute baby book today at Project Nursery.

Electronics, Project Nursery Shop, largest children's design resource


Project Nursery Shop, largest children's design resource


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My Daughter’s Nursery is 50 Shades of Gray, But I Love It

After posting previous pictures of my daughter and I in her nursery I received a few comments and messages about the shades of gray and for a deeper look into her nursery.

I was joking with a friend that her nursery was “50 shades of gray” because of all the gray we had in one picture. Although her walls are gray along with a few other items in the room, we also added a clean white look as well. Here is a better look into her bright nursery, and links to some of the products we’ve purchased for it.

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I love my daughter’s room. It is probably my favorite room in the house. It is freshly painted, and super bright. We love spending time in there playing and reading. I’m so happy with all of the products that we’ve chosen to create this perfect little space for her.

Walls: Sherwin Williams– Colonial Revival Gray. The paint came out lighter than I expected, which actually made me like it even more than I originally did.

Crib: Target– I love my daughters crib. It’s bright, pretty and perfect for her room. We knew with gray walls we wanted white furniture to brighten it up, and it did just that. This particular crib that we purchased is a four in one convertible crib that we will transition her with as she gets older.

Crib Sheet: Walmart– this is just one of the few crib sheets we have for her. I also love the look of this pink crib sheet with the gray and white walls and trim. It brings a fun pop of pink color to the room.

Rug: IKEA 

Banner: Made by my talented mother-in-law

(My outfit details:)

Sweater: ROMWE

Leggings: ModCloth

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Rocker: Ikea– This rocker has been the perfect little rocker for late nights or before nap feedings. It’s comfortable and it’s easy to set a bottle down on the arm without having to set it on the ground.

Baby Rocker: Homegoods– she loves this thing, and it’s adorable!


Butterfly Art: Pottery Barn Kids

Elephant Art: Homegoods

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Hamper: Homegoods– You can always count on Homegoods for cute hampers!

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Before having Margot I was told it’s easier to use a changing pad on top of the dresser instead of getting an entire changing table for the nursery. This was some of the best advice we received because I have no idea where on earth we would have put the changing table.

When I change my daughter I set her right on top of her changing pad on this dresser. The dresser is at the perfect height to change her so I don’t have to worry about reaching up too high or bending down and hurting my back. The top left drawer is completely filled with diapers and wipes since she doesn’t have enough clothes to fill all the drawers anyway. The diaper changing process has been so easy for us because of this set up.

Dresser: Walmart

Changing Pad: Target

Changing Pad Cover: Target– this is not the exact one I have, but it’s very close and I love the plush feeling.

Sound Machine: Target

Lamp: Walmart

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Shelf: Pottery Barn Kids

Glass Elephant: Homegoods

Flower Votive Holder: Homegoods

Princess Piggy Bank: Homegoods

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Frame: Homegoods– someone gave this to us as a gift, and they did say they got the frame from Homegoods. I find myself always looking at this because I just think it is so adorable!


This mini shelf from Homegoods has been so helpful. We sometimes keep the baby monitor on this shelf and point it at the crib, which is convenient. Most days I hang her outfit for the following day on a little hook, and it’s a great place to store different headbands as well.

Shelf: Homegoods

Headbands: Target

Swim Suit: Old Navy

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Sign: I decided to get a little crafty and made this sign myself!

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We were originally going to get a bookshelf that could store some bins in it, but never ended up actually buying it. Although we still plan to purchase it in the future I’m glad we didn’t jump the gun and get one right away. Having these storage bins full of toys on the ground has been an easy access for her to grab a toy and play. She’s got stuffed animals, books and other toys such as blocks and toy balls that we keep in these bins. When we play in her nursery she digs out all sorts of stuff, and when we’re finished it’s a quick and easy cleanup.

Mermaid: Target

Bins: Babies R’ Us- Bin 1, Bin 2 (I can no longer find links for Bin’s 3 and 4, but we also have Bin 5 in her closet)

Elephant: TJMaxx

Toys: I’ve linked some of Margot’s favorite toys that are shoved inside of those bins

My favorite thing about her nursery is that everything has a purpose. I’m glad we kept it simple, even if it is 50 shades of gray.

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Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


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