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The Sweetest Moccasin Boots with Gracious May


How sweet are these little suede moccasin boots from Gracious May? They are the perfect shoe for our two-year-old daughter, and I’ve never loved shoes for her more. The chestnut brown color is great for fall and matches so many of her outfits.

Not only are they simply adorable, but they fit her so perfectly. She normally is a size 6-7 for shoes, and these size 7’s fit her like a glove. These moccasins are so easy to get her feet into, and they zip up and stay up without her being able to kick them off.

They also offer four other colors that are equally as adorable, and I may have to splurge on another pair for Margot. Check out Gracious May’s website to find these sweet moccasins, as well as tons of other sweet children’s products all made in the USA.

Toddler bootiesToddler shoesToddler Moccasins

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Sink Baths with Aveeno

Sink Baths

Word to the wise for all you pregnant mothers out there reading this; sink baths will change your life.

The other day I realized two things. The first is that this little girl is two, and only has a limited number of sink baths left in her life. Soon enough she will not be able to fit in this sink and enjoy this cozy little kitchen environment for her baths.

The second thing I realized is that a bath in the kitchen sink is so much easier for this pregnant mama than a normal bath. I don’t have to awkwardly bend over while my ever-growing belly runs into the side of the tub. This has been so much easier on my back, and sometimes while she’s playing in there I can even get things done around the kitchen. That’s what I call a win-win.

Another win-win is Aveeno. We’ve been using Aveeno baby wash and shampoo, as well Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion and absolutely love it. The baby wash and shampoo blend natural oat extract into a rich lathering wash that cleans without drying. It’s so gentle on skin and hair and leaves a soft fresh baby smell that I simply cannot resist.

Aveeno’s baby lotion helps to soothe and protect my daughter’s delicate skin. It is naturally nourishing and the non-greasy formula absorbs quickly. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and is so gentle for daily use. My daughter’s skin has never been smoother.

I know my daughter won’t stay little forever, so I am enjoying these beautiful moments while I still can.

Sink BathAveeno Sink Bath

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These Boots Are Made For Crawling


There is nothing cuter than handmade clothing on children. Growing up my grandmother always made handmade slippers and booties that my cousins and I had fun wearing when we got to her house. She made tons of different sizes and colors for us to choose from when we got there, and I always loved how warm and cozy my feet were. Well, that and sliding around the kitchen floor so well in them.

When I found this cute little Etsy shop, I was so excited to find something handmade for Baby #2. The shop These Boots Are Made For Crawling is the perfect handmade shop that makes the most adorable baby booties for tiny feet. She makes the sweetest designs and has styles for both genders. From animals like foxes, monkeys and elephants, to sports themed booties like footballs and baseballs every single bootie is made specifically for babies with love and care.

I was so happy to find the cutest little unicorn booties for our baby girl due in December. They have the sweetest little eyes, with a gold horn and beautiful rainbow fringe coming from the back. You can tell they were made with such care, and I cannot wait to see our little girl in these booties!

Check out These Boots Are Made For Crawling’s Etsy Shop to find the perfect little booties for your little one. They also would make an adorable shower gift!




The Cutest Pom Pom Sweatshirt

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Mama’s Outfit // Pullover: Vineyard Vines Leggings: Nordstrom

Margot’s Outfit // Pullover: PatPat Leggings: Target

In the summer months we eat ice cream cones more than we should. In the winter months we will be wearing this ice cream cone sweatshirt more than we should. What can I say? It’s too cute!

I found this sweater on PatPat’s website along with some other goodies that I am obsessed with. Not only is the material very thick, warm and good quality, their clothes are so adorable.

Stay tuned for more sweet toddler outfits from PatPat!

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Happy Little Camper

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Caring for another human being is extremely overwhelming, especially when you are a first time mother. Am I feeding my baby enough healthy foods? Are these products appropriate for bathing? Are there chemicals in things I use that are bad for my child?

I love when products come right out and share what they are all about. Happy Little Camper is a company that can be trusted to say no. No chemicals, no dyes, and no fragrances. Their wipes and diapers are Mother Nature approved and help to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations. They are premium quality at a premium price. Check out their products here.

We tried out their wipes and loved them. They were soft and easy to pull out. My daughter who hates to blow her nose even let me use them to wipe her face when she was sick with her cold. We will definitely be getting more of these in the future!

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The Cutest Rain Cloud Sweater

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Sweater: PatPat | Pants: Target | Shoes: Robeez

How cute is this rain cloud sweater I found for Margot?

I purchased this sweater not only because I thought it was adorable, but also because it had a simple meaning. Margot was our sweet rainbow baby after our miscarriage. We were so fortunate to get pregnant very soon after the miscarriage and follow through with a healthy pregnancy. She is always the reminder to me that even when it rains, there can always be a rainbow.

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Stay tuned for more adorable finds from PatPat that I recently purchased!

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Little Fun Club

One of the latest crazes are these monthly box subscriptions to different companies. They have them for everything now, and I love it.

My husband and I each had a monthly subscription to a box for ourselves at one point or another, so I thought I’d see if there was anything for my daughter to enjoy. There are tons for babies and toddlers with all sorts of things, but one that caught my eye was a company called Little Fun Club. As a woman who enjoys reading, naturally this is where I went first, and I’m so glad I did.

First of all, it came wrapped like a gift and even had a little ribbon tied around it. My daughter loved opening the wrapping just as much as she loved receiving these sweet books.

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In each box they send you three age appropriate books for your child. They are hand picked by an associate with your child’s age and interests in mind. All their books go through a review process taking into consideration the subject, authors, awards, and price of each book. We could not have been happier with the selections they made for us.

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The first book she saw was definitely her favorite, and it is perfect for her development. The book is, “Who’s Hiding with Penguin?” by Vincent Mathy. It’s a thick book, and each page is shaped differently depending on the animal’s figure, so it’s very easy for her to grab, and turn the page. She went back and forth with these pages, and pointed to all the animals.

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The second book we looked at is called, “Little Bird Takes a Bath” by Marisabina Russo. It seems as though bigger books like this are easier to focus on when we read, so we sat down and read this one together. She loved all the pictures and colors the book provided.

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The third book she received is called, “Steam Train, Dream Train 1-2-3”. This is a counting text that counts up with each page. Each page has a cute and creative illustration of a different kind of animal, which was fun for us to read and look at the pictures together as well.

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I love the message that Little Fun Club sends to all their customers that reading is fun. The fact that all three books are age appropriate and at the perfect developmental stage for my child shows they really put thought and consideration into their choices.

Consider signing your child up for a subscription, or you can give a box as a gift to another child that you know. This would make a nice birthday gift for a child, and Little Fun Club provides books for children up to the age of 12.


Thank you so much to Little Fun Club for partnering with me on this post. We can’t wait to go back and read through these books again tonight.