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Graphic Sweatshirts with Dresslily

Sweater weathersweater weather is better weather

Sweatshirt: Dresslily | Shorts: Dresslily

It’s sweater weather season! That means I’m whipping out any and all sweaters and sweatshirts that I can fit this pregnant belly into.

Recently I received my new favorite sweatshirt from Dresslily. It says, “Sweater Weather is Better Weather”, and I couldn’t agree more. I love that it has the slouched, off the shoulder look, and is oversized to fit even this pregnant mama.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite graphic sweatshirts right now on the blog with Dresslily that are super cute and affordable.


  1. Honorary Gilmore Girl
  2. Preggers
  3. I’m So Freaking Cold (so me!)
  4. Thankful, Grateful, Blessed
  5. No Pants Are The Best Pants
  6. Give Thanks (love this color)
  7. Kanye Attitude with Drake Feelings


Happy Fall Y’all! Stay cozy!


Thank you to Dresslily for sponsoring today’s post. All content and opinions are that of my own!

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My Cozy Ten Minutes

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We all need it. Alone time, time to myself, me time, time to decompress; whatever you call it, every person should get a little of it each and every day.

That is easier said than done. With priorities and responsibilities pulling you left and right it can be so hard to find some time for yourself to wind down.

What is even harder for me is actually enjoying it. When finally getting the chance to sit down and relax, I found that I was not able to utilize the time wisely. I constantly felt like I should be completing something on my never ending to-do list, and as I sat there I would think, “this is a waste of time”.

Oh, how wrong I was.

When I wasn’t getting “me time” I was burnt out. I was irritable, and cranky. I still couldn’t get things accomplished because I was trying to multi-task and rush to finish something without thought. I was snapping at my family for things that were not a big deal.

I realized this was not okay, and I needed even just a simple ten minutes a day to wind down and just be alone. This was one of the best, and healthiest routines I’ve ever decided to do. I thought I’d share how I spend my “me time”, so maybe you can use it for “you time”.

Set the mood.

I’ve learned I need to not only be someplace I enjoy, but somewhere away from the rest of the world for just a moment. I personally like a calm, dark scene so I can light a candle and relax. I have found the perfect candle subscription box company to help set the perfect mood. Vellabox is a company that provides you with a hand-poured, artisan candle. With all the talk lately about how unhealthy candles can be, this company provides quality, toxin-free, lead-free healthy candles. In each cute box you get a candle and one surprise gift. My latest Vellabox provided me with not only an amazing scented candle, but a perfect tea bag that complimented it. On such a chilly, autumn night both items helped to make it comfy and cozy.

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Find the best time.

You need to find even a quick ten minutes that work for you. Some people enjoy their me time just sitting in a warm shower for an extra few minutes. Some use time in the car to sit quietly and decompress. My favorite time is toward the end of the night after I’ve put my daughter to sleep so I can relax and think about the day I’ve just had, and about my day tomorrow.

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Do something you enjoy.

For those ten minutes you should do something that makes you happy. Maybe it’s just watching one quick show on Netflix, eating a yummy snack, reading a book, drinking tea, a glass of wine (or both), or even just playing Candy Crush on your phone (do people still play that?) Personally I have realized I enjoy putting my phone away and doing something without a screen in front of me. I found I even just enjoy sitting there in silence to leave myself with my thoughts.

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No one can do it all, and you can’t forget to take care of yourself. Find your cozy ten minutes a day, and treat yourself to something wonderful that you enjoy. Still need some coziness to your “me time”? Don’t forget to check out Vellabox to help set the mood. You won’t be disappointed.

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My Favorite Recent Target Purchases

Is there really anything better than a nice run to Target? If I was on my death bed and had one chance to see anywhere in the world, one last trip to Target would be at least top five places on my list. Maybe that sounds a bit morbid, but we are just getting off the Halloween train, so don’t judge me.

Last week I had a fabulous Target run and got all the things! Here are some of my favorite finds that I felt needed to be shared.

This chunky, comfy, cozy cardigan.

Apparently this cardigan has some great alliteration and can only be described with adjectives that start with the letter “C”. It is definitely chunky, comfy and cozy. In the last six days that I have owned this sweater I have worn it four of those days. The only reason I didn’t wear it one day was because I was Halloweening it as a unicorn (and we all know that unicorns definitely do NOT wear cardigans). The only reason I am not currently wearing it is because it is in my washing machine.

I will give you $100 if you can guess what I’ll be wearing tomorrow. You can then use $29.99 of that money to go buy yourself this cardigan.

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Booties, booties, booties, booties rockin’ everywhere.

Talk about the cutest, comfiest booties on my feet. I have been dying to get a new pair of brown booties, but have not pulled the trigger because of how expensive so many pairs are. These were only $37.99! I thought I’d try them out to see if I liked them and then go back and order the black pair.

Well, I already purchased the black pair.



Over the summer I purchased a doormat from Target that said “Welcome” with a pineapple on it. It was cute for summer, but didn’t seem to fit with this chilly, fall weather. I bought this colorful, leaf doormat (above) for only $10.99. Such a cute autumn touch for such a cheap price.

Then I thought to myself, “Hmmm. I really like this for fall, but I bet I’m going to want another one for winter”. We now have a doormat for every season thanks to Target.

Our summer doormat that was just replaced for fall.

Clothes for the baby.

I’ve always loved Target for myself, and now I get to love it for my daughter too. They always have the sweetest clothes at the best prices. I bought my daughter not only one, but two nice sweatshirts for only $7.00 each, and black leggings that were only $5.00.

Once again, Target for the win.


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Why I Love Wearing Graphic Tees

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Over the last few years graphic tees have really taken off. There are so many inspirational, hilarious or just plain awesome tees that people can choose from.

If you know me at all you know I am all about comfort. If I am home I am in sweatpants and a t-shirt. That’s why I was so happy to stumble upon CorkedBrew. They have so many amazing shirts that seem to fit me TO A TEE (see what I did there?)

Their name refers to tees about wine (corked) and coffee (brew), and I sure do love both of those. Wine and coffee tees are not all they have though. Some other tees include holiday themed, funny quotes, mom tees, TV themed, sports themed and so much more.

Let me tell you why graphic tees are my jam.

They allow you to express yourself.

Whether it’s your favorite band, TV show, sport, drink, or anything else, these tees allow you to share with the world what you love, or what you want people to know about you.

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They are a great conversation starter.

People love reading graphic tees. Sometimes conversations even start from your shirt. Even just a simple, “OMG your tee is awesome!” while you’re waiting in line is worth the purchase. You will very quickly see who your fellow Game of Thrones fans, Harry Potter nerds, and coffee lovers are. Your graphic tee may even make someone else’s day.

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They give you something to wear without thinking about an outfit.

Is it Sunday? Pull out the football tee. Is it the Halloween party? Pull out the Halloween shirt. Maybe my new goal should be to find a graphic tee for every day of the year…

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They go with everything.

If it’s a lazy day at home you can wear a graphic tee with sweatpants. If you’re running errands with your kids, #Momlife graphic tee and jeans it is. According to this shirt they even go with yoga pants. Graphic tees can be worn with everything.

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Comfy cozy.

Let’s face it. They are comfortable, and that is all there is to it.

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You are supporting an awesome business.

When you buy a graphic tee from a shop you are supporting a small business. They want you to not only be comfortable, but love the message that you decide to spread with the people around you.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, checkout CorkedBrew’s page to find the graphic tee that fits you. They have tons of styles and themes to choose from, and I know you will find tons that you love.

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Shop My Outfits here:

Football Tee, Jeans

Coffee Tee, Sweatpants, Mug

#MomLife Tee, Jeans

A huge thank you to CorkedBrew for partnering with me on this post. I absolutely love my graphic tees, and they fit perfectly. All opinions are my own.

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How Online Daily Boutiques Work and Where I Purchased My New Favorite Fleece

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A few weeks back I stumbled upon a site called Groopdealz. Groopdealz is an online boutique store with tons of adorable things to purchase like clothing, accessories, home decor, jewelry, baby gear, and tons more. They are similar to many other boutiques except for two big reasons. First, they have tons of sales all the time. Pretty much everything is marked down. Deals, deals, DEALZ!

Another difference with Groopdealz is that they are what you would call an online daily boutique. Instead of just being run by one brand or company, Groopdealz has included tons of different sellers onto their site. That’s why you have so much to choose from! This also means that these sellers only have a limited amount of time on the site. Sellers are given a certain amount of days to sell and promote their product, but after that it is taken down.

I bought this fleece that was originally $54.00 for only $34.99, and let me tell you it is worth every penny. It is so amazingly soft, and perfect for fall and winter. I had the opportunity to choose what thread I wanted to use to get it monogrammed as well, and I love how it turned out.

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HERE’S THE THING… if you’re interested in buying it, you have to act now! The other day I went online to show my friend this fleece that I had purchased. I was going to send her the link, but it wasn’t there! I searched Groopdealz page by page, and it just wasn’t there. I figured I was lucky to get it while I could because it was already gone. WELL GUESS WHAT, when I went back on their site today it was BACK! If you think it’s something you or someone you know would enjoy, get it today.

The fleece seems pretty true to size. I typically wear a small, but didn’t want the fleece to be too small so I ordered a medium. If I was to go back and buy another one (hmmm, maybe black now?) then I would order a small because the medium is a little long. One more thing to mention is that I ordered the cream color. In the Groopdealz website picture it looks a little darker than it actually does it person. I love the color in person more than I do online because it’s very light, which is the look I was going for.

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This would make a great monogrammed Christmas gift for someone who likes to be comfy cozy. Maybe even a little Christmas gift for yourself!

I also purchased this extremely comfortable V-neck tee from Groopdealz that fits so perfectly. I went back to order another and they were gone, but you know I’ll keep checking back to all their cute clothing just incase!

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Don’t forget to snag that fleece today before it’s gone. You won’t regret it!

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These Socks Will Rock Your Socks

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I may have a sock obsession. I have one drawer that fits all of my jeans, sweatpants and leggings. I have another drawer the same size that only holds socks. Yes, socks. I’d call that an obsession.

Maybe it’s crazy, but socks are my favorite clothing to buy. First of all, my feet are always freezing even in the summer, so if I’m not wearing sandals you will always see me wearing socks. They are the cheapest item of clothing you can get, so that’s a plus. You can buy whatever color, pattern, or design you’d like. They can be as crazy, or as simple as you choose. The best part is, you don’t even have to have them match if you don’t want to!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, maybe the company Say It With A Sock can. They are an awesome clothing company that provides you with a monthly pair of socks.

I’ve always loved the idea of getting a monthly subscription box, but many of them are very expensive. Say It With A Sock only costs you $11.99 for the month including free shipping. The best part is you don’t need to get wrapped up into a full year deal, and can pay for it month by month. They also allow you to cancel at anytime.

Start by signing up for either men, women, or kid’s socks. You get an option between Pattern Socks (more subdued) and Graphic Socks (crazier styles).

I have had socks in the past that are so tight they are a pain to get on my feet, and are not even comfortable to wear. These socks come from reliable companies, and are very stretchy and flexible.

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A cute pair of socks always makes a great stocking stuffer!

Now that the cooler weather is coming these little guys are going to be on my feet at all times. Go snag a pair, try them out, and let me know what you think.

Thanks to Say It With A Sock for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own.


Shop my outfit here:

Shorts: ROMWE

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You guys, I’m so happy with these!