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The Perfect Dress for a Carolina Winter

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If you’ve been following along with my blog posts you would know that I’m originally from New York and just recently moved to the Charlotte area to relocate for my husband’s job. It has been a huge change with a new home, no family around, and getting to know the new area.

So far I’ve loved the transition and am getting used to all the new aspects of my life, but the one thing that seems to make it all so worth it is this Carolina weather. The other day I ran errands in this dress and it was 62 degrees here, and 24 degrees in my hometown. That alone is worth the move down south.

Back in New York, January would be another sweater and boots month for me. Now that I’m in Charlotte I am loving that I get to wear these comfortable dresses to run errands when I leave the house.

Recently I received this adorable dress from PinkBlush, and it has been perfect for this time of year in the Carolina’s. For the last few months I wore tons of their maternity clothes, so when I learned that they also had women’s clothing I was all on board to try some of their regular items.

This Grey Striped Ruffle Trim dress is the perfect piece for this time of year. I love the light gray color, but it also comes in black or charcoal grey. If you like a dress with a cinched waistline this is the dress for you. It hugs my waist right where I want it to without being too tight. I absolutely love the ruffle trim bottom and sleeves which give it some character. The material is so soft but is thick enough to feel comfortable wearing. One of the best parts about it is this dress has pockets. C’mon ladies, you know you love a good pocket dress.

Check out PinkBlush‘s website for some of their adorable clothing items. If you’re interested in more outfit ideas with PinkBlush, check out some of my recent blog posts with some of their amazing pieces:

Teal Floral Fitted Maternity Wrap Dress

Peach Floral Striped Knot Tie Maternity Top

Navy Floral Fitted Wrap Maternity Dress

Heather Grey Soft Knit Maternity Duster Cardigan

Ivory Floral Chiffon Ruffle Trim Maternity Blouse

Floral Maternity Maxi Dress

And tons of other items!


Thank you to PinkBlush for sponsoring today’s post and for always having the best, quality clothing for pregnant and new mothers! All content and opinions are that of my own!

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The Perfect Maternity Dress For All Occasions

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Pink Blush more, I received the most perfect maternity dress from them! I have purchased many maternity dresses from Pink Blush, but I have never received so many compliments on a single dress as I have this one. After wearing this dress for my daughter’s birthday party I had tons of comments and questions on the dress so I thought I’d give a little more information here on the blog. It’s called the Pink Hibiscus Floral Maternity Maxi Dress, and I couldn’t love it more.

You can wear it casually or formally.

It’s the perfect dress for all occasions. It is a great party dress, could be dressed up with heels for a more formal setting like a wedding, or could simply be paired with a jean jacket to wear casually out to dinner.

Second Birthday

The pattern and color are so flattering.

The light pink color is such a sweet, flattering color for any pregnant mama. The hibiscus floral pattern is simple and not too busy on the dress, which gives it a classic look.

Pink Blush

It is so comfortable.

This dress is made of the softest polyester and spandex material which gives it a great flow and is slightly stretchy to perfectly fit that growing belly. You will not want to take this dress off.

Second Birthday Party

It has pockets.

I mean, do I need to say more?

Maternity dresses

It fits like a glove.

When I am not growing a human I typically wear a size small. This dress is a size small and fits perfectly with every measurement.

Pregnancy Clothes

It can be worn after pregnancy.

This dress has the perfect fit to be worn during pregnancy as well as after pregnancy. The cinched waistline falls right under the bust to make it comfortable anytime you choose to wear it.

Check this dress out, and check out other adorable maternity clothes from Pink Blush!

Maternity dress

Thank you to Pink Blush for sponsoring today’s post and for always having the best, quality clothing for pregnant and new mothers! All content and opinions are that of my own! 

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Cute Halloween Costume Ideas With DressLily

You guys, it’s October! That means that Halloween is about one month away. Every year I go through the same process of figuring out what to be for Halloween. I can never decide, and I search all throughout Pinterest and Instagram. I put it off until Halloween reaches, and I still end up Amazon priming a silly unicorn onesie.

Yup. Happy Halloween.

I’ve thought of an interesting idea. Instead of purchasing a whole costume, it would be nice to buy something that I can use as a costume once, but still continue to wear in my normal, non-Halloween life the other 364 days of the year.

For example, this orange dress I wore to a wedding was my inspiration. Someone at the wedding told me it reminded them of Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so that’s exactly what I may use it as if I don’t end up buying one of these other lovely dresses.


I found more than 2000 styles of fashion women’s dresses at Dresslily! Bandage, club, bodycon, chiffon, vintage, lace, bohemian dresses etc. Which is your favorite for a Halloween costume? Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with.

There are many different options for Minnie Mouse! They have so many adorable red and white polka dot dresses.


Minnie Mouse- Option 1

Minnie Mouse- Option 2

Minnie Mouse- Option 3

Minnie Mouse- Option 4

Minnie Mouse- Option 5

I also found a few cute dresses that would work well for Alice in Wonderland:


Alice in Wonderland- Option 1

Alice in Wonderland- Option 2

Here are three super cute dresses if you’re looking to be a sailor:


Sailor- Option 1

Sailor- Option 2

Sailor- Option 3

Interested in being patriotic for Halloween? The nice part is you could wear these again on other holidays like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Check out these American themed dresses:


American- Option 1

American- Option 2

American- Option 3

American- Option 4

Other Characters and Ideas Include:

Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Look how perfect this inexpensive yellow dress would be.

Have your husband go as Batman, and you can be Batgirl in this perfect black and yellow dress.

You could totally be the only lumberjack at the party in this red and black flannel looking dress.

Remember the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland? This red and black dress would be a perfect costume.

Betty Boop is the cutest. You could rock this red vintage dress to look like her.

Madeline is the sweetest little cartoon girl. All you need to do is find a yellow hat to pair with this navy blue and white dress and your costume is complete.

The poodle skirt Halloween costume is a classic that never goes out of style. Rock it with this adorable white and purple dress.

Have a costume that has something to do with music? This fabulous dress with music notes on it would be perfect.


This is not even the start of all their amazing dress ideas. Check out their website and let me know your favorites. Comment back with your creative Halloween costume ideas, and which one you think I should choose!


*This post contains affiliate links.