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Galentine’s Day Outfits

Mommy and me dressesMommy and me valentine's

Margot’s Outfit // Dress: Target | Headband: Zelda Matilda

Colette’s Outfit // Sweater & Tutu: Target | Headband: Zelda Matilda

Mama’s Outfit // Dress: Amazon

Valentine’s day has looked a little different the last few years. There hasn’t been much going out to dinner and getting drinks as often as we used to, and sometimes with Valentine’s day falling in the middle of the week, it makes it that much harder. But we know that this is just a season in our lives that will eventually go away and we will miss these days, so, for now, we are enjoying sharing every second of this time with our girls… including Valentine’s day. And if it’s Valentine’s day with my girls, it’s obviously Galentine’s day.

This year with the holiday of love falling on a random Thursday we have a fun filled day full of crafts, candy, and preparing to make daddy’s favorite dinner. But just because we’re staying in doesn’t mean we can’t dress up!

Happy week of love, friends!


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Painting With Feathers For Less Than $10

Ideas for Toddlers

Well today we thought we’d go colonial style and paint… with feathers. If men and women could write letters to one another with a feather and ink for hundreds of years, why not give painting with one a try too?

My daughter loved it! It was something different instead of boring old paint brushes, or her fingers. Besides, between the paint and the feathers the entire activity cost me less than $10 at Michaels. This little paint session kept her busy for over an hour, which was awesome.

I loved the neon paint we bought, and her pictures turned out so cute because the paint was so colorful and vibrant. The pack of feathers worked great as well. There were so many sizes and tons of them, so we tried to pick big ones that were easy to paint with.

If you’re looking for something fun and easy to do with your toddler I would highly recommend this fun activity.

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11 Easy Activities To Do With Your Toddler on a Rainy Day

Mom Fashion.jpg

Top: DressLily | Leggings: Nordstrom

The last few days have been rainy ones here in Western New York. Normally during the summer, I dread rainy days, especially stuck in a house with a toddler who needs to be moving all day long. But something about these last few days has brought me happiness with the never-ending rain.

Our summer has been nonstop on-the-go, and the last few days have almost seemed peaceful. It has forced us to slow down and relax. We’ve been able to try some new indoor activities, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been that mom who has watched a little more TV with my daughter than normal. But you know? We’ve been so busy that I am okay with that. Over the last few months we’ve come up with a few rainy day activities that keep our time passing through the day.

Drawing with Foam

My daughter loves to color and draw, but one day I stumbled upon some extra foam pieces we had around the house and she was so excited. Now when she’s antsy and bored I pull out small pieces of foam and she loves to color on it with pen.

Rainy Day Activities.jpgToddler Activity drawing

Foam Puzzles

My daughter loves the foam and she loves puzzles, so one day I decided to cut out little hearts and turn them into small foam puzzles. She has so much fun mixing them up and putting them back together.

Toddler Activity Foam Puzzles.jpg

Books, Books and More Books

Are you surprised that books are on the list? Probably not! But it is remarkable how much time my daughter will spend just sitting and “reading” books. Now that she is starting to say more words she loves to point out what she knows and recognizes. Read together, or let them just read on their own!

IMG_7020Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Fort Building

Who doesn’t love a good fort? Even if it only consists of a blanket draped over two sturdy objects, it’s something new and fun for them to climb under and play in. My daughter loves a simple fort that she can just play with her babies, and read her books in.

Toddler Activities Fort BuildingToddler Activity Fort

Bake Something Together

If you have the ingredients and the time, you might as well bake something yummy together. Besides, then eating it gives you something to do after it’s done as well!

Toddler Activities Baking.jpg

Go to a Museum or Indoor Nature Center

If you have a fun kids museum or an indoor nature center that you can visit, doing that while it’s a rainy day is the perfect time to go. I found that the Audubon Nature Center is a perfect place to go with children, and they have so much to do inside on rainy days. Check out my blog post for all the fun activities the Audubon offers.

Audubon overlookAudubon treeAudubon spidersAudubon puzzleAudubon playAudubon play roomAudubon binoculars

Exercise Together

There are so many mother and child exercise routines online now that are a great workout for mom, and also fun for kids. Every time my daughter sees me exercising she wants to jump right in and do it too.

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


I have found this is a great idea to do on a rainy day. When I say organize, I mean one of two things. Organize can mean just organizing things for fun, or organizing things for a purpose. One day we organized all her toys by color just for fun. It kept her entertained for a long time, and she actually was having fun and showed me that she knew her colors.

Other times we have organized her room for a purpose. The best part about this is sometimes while we organized we found toys tucked away under her crib or other places that she had forgotten about and she was so excited to play with them again.

Toddler activity.jpg

Fill Plastic Bags with Fun Things

I’ve learned there are so many fun things you can do with plastic bags that are so simple. One day I just filled a plastic bag with blue colored water and buttons and she moved and played with those buttons at her highchair for close to twenty minutes.

Another fun thing to fill the bags with is just a few colors or paint. They can spread the paint around and make different colors. You can also throw in some random items that they can roll around in the paint.

Toddler ActivitiesToddler Activity

Yes, TV.

I’m not saying that we binge watch shows all day long, but we watch some of her favorite shows that keep her occupied. There are so many shows that are educational and great for young learners. Singalongs and movement shows are perfect for my daughter who loves to move while she watches TV. She also loves Sesame Street, and Sofia the First.

Toddler ActivitiesToddler Activity

Play in the Rain

Don’t forget that playing in the rain can be just as fun as playing outside on a sunny day.

playing in the rainRainy day play

When it rains it nourishes the ground and refreshes the plants when they need it most. Sometimes you need to let the rain do that for you too.


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It’s Okay To Get A Little Wet

playing in the rainrain play

Well it’s official. My daughter is obsessed with being outdoors. She loves going for walks, playing in the yard, but most of all chasing our dog around.

Today it was raining. We needed to let the dog out. I thought, “There is no way she’ll be out for long in this weather”.

Oh how wrong I was. She loved it. But I guess rain is more fun when you’re 1 than when you’re almost 30. We walked from the front yard to the back yard, waved at neighbors, dogs and cars driving by, and of course splashed in puddles. The entire time I watched those cute little pigtails run around, I couldn’t help smiling and enjoying myself despite the cold, dreary weather.

Today Margot reminded me it’s okay to go outside when it’s raining, to jump in puddles when you’re an adult, and to embrace the messy weather. I’ll always be there reminding her that I have an umbrella if she wants to stay dry, but she’ll always be there reminding me that sometimes it’s okay to get a little wet.



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Happy Minimal Easter!

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(Margot’s sweet bunny Easter dress is available on PatPat’s website for only $13.99. They also have tons of great deals right now!)

Being that this was Margot’s second Easter, she was able to enjoy it a little more than she did last year. It was so much fun to have her collect eggs in her basket, and receive a few little toys from the Easter bunny.

After her birthday in September and this past Christmas, the last thing this chick needed was more toys. I’ve learned that I am a very minimal mama, and only get her a few items for holidays like today. I have found that the less we give her, the more meaningful it seems to be to her. Here are some things this year’s Easter basket included:

One item she can play with alone.

Jumbo crayons took care of that. Something she can use at her high chair, or on the floor by herself. This is a fun gift for her, and a gift for mama in that she can play with it on her own.

One item she can use with us.

This year that item is bubbles. Eventually she will be able to use bubbles on her own, but for now it’s a fun thing we can do together. Part of our Easter morning included sitting on the couch blowing bubbles and trying to catch them. She especially loved when the dog barked and jumped at them. Speaking of the dog…

One item she can use with the dog.

Margot loves our dog, Jack. This year in her basket I included a light up, bouncy ball that she loves to throw around for him to chase, and for her to constantly giggle at.

One item that is similar to something she already loves.

For Valentine’s Day she received a small kitten doll from her Granny. She is obsessed with this cat, so I found a small chick about the same size. She instantly put the two together and played with them together.

One experience instead of a toy.

In this case it was easy, because it was an Easter egg hunt around our house. It’s so important to me that we do an activity or experience together as something special on these holidays. We hid plastic eggs around the house for her to gather in her basket, and I’ve never seen her so excited to keep finding these bright eggs all over.


What are some of your Easter basket goodies? We hope you had a fabulous Easter with your family and loved ones!


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