3 Donuts Old!

It’s so hard to believe that Colette is already three months old! For those of you that are new around here, three months to us also means three donuts old, because what better way to represent her months that with a dozen donuts. I mean, genius, am I right?

I’m kind of a weird math nerd so when it comes to 3 months old, in my head I instantly think 3/12 = 1/4. She’s already one-quarter of the way through her first year! That means she is also like 25 cents old! Ok, sorry. I’ll stop with the math connections now.

Anyways, here is the three donuts old pic, and as always I’ll compare it with the donuts pics before because let’s be honest. There is nothing cuter than babies sitting next to donuts.

Facetune_26-03-2019-15-18-06Facetune_27-02-2019-16-41-04monthly baby pictures


Monthly Baby Pictures… with Donuts

newbornnewborn photography

I’ve had a lot of good ideas in my life, but none of them top my latest idea. This idea is pure gold, ladies and gentlemen. I have decided to take my newborn baby’s monthly pictures… with donuts.

Think about it, there are twelve months in a year that you capture this little baby of yours, and there are twelve donuts in a dozen. I’m pretty sure whoever came up with the idea for the term “dozen” to mean twelve had this exact thought in mind.

Therefore, each month that my daughter hits a new month on the 28th, I will pose her newest monthly pic beside a donut, or two, or three, or eight… you get the picture.

The best part is that this new found prop is not only edible but delicious. And if mom is the one going to all this trouble to locate a donut(s), find a matching outfit and pose a newborn baby for the perfect shot, I think we all know who’s going to get to eat the donut, or two, or three, or eight each month.

I’ve never been so excited for a baby to turn one in my life.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

monthly baby pictures