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Twinning With PinkBlush

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A few months back I received this adorable Peach Floral Striped Knot Tie Maternity Top from PinkBlush and absolutely loved it. It is such a great fit and has been perfect for my growing belly during pregnancy. It’s not only cute but so comfy. I wear it around the house and out and about as well.

Then I stumbled upon this adorable Mauve Floral Striped Toddler Swing Dress for my little mini, and I simply couldn’t resist buying it for her! We bought her a size 3T since she’s just about that size, and it fits her great. It’s a great length and is so soft and comfortable.

She certainly loves matching her mama, and naturally, mama loves matching her right back!

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Pregnancy Changed My Taste for Mustard. The Color and the Condiment.

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I used to hate mustard. The color and the food. Then when I became pregnant all I wanted to eat was mustard, and apparently it changed my taste for the color as well. Here are some of my favorite mustard finds that I have found at ModCloth.

This sweater in my cart right now is an adorable, thick sweater that I am obsessing over. It is perfect for my Pittsburgh Steelers attire. They call this color “Honey” but it looks mustardy to me.


This cute skirt is perfect to wear to work, and has autumn written all over it.


How cute is this mustard raccoon top?


Do you want the mustard color in your outfit, but can’t commit to buying an article of mustard clothing? That’s okay! Pair these cute mustard tights with a cute dress and boots to add a little pop of fall color to your ensemble.


Snag this cute mustard and black beaded necklace to add a little mustard to your outfit.


Now if mustard is just not your thing, get pregnant and maybe that will change. Kidding! Check out ModCloth for tons of other cute items, mustard or not.

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Mom’s Outfit // Dress: Francesca’s | Boots: Nordstrom | Leggings: LulaRoe | Cardigan: Old Navy

Baby’s Outfit // Sweater: Carter’s | Pants: Old Navy |Shoes: Robeez

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Sweater: Nordstrom | Leggings: LulaRoe


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Why I Love Wearing Graphic Tees

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Over the last few years graphic tees have really taken off. There are so many inspirational, hilarious or just plain awesome tees that people can choose from.

If you know me at all you know I am all about comfort. If I am home I am in sweatpants and a t-shirt. That’s why I was so happy to stumble upon CorkedBrew. They have so many amazing shirts that seem to fit me TO A TEE (see what I did there?)

Their name refers to tees about wine (corked) and coffee (brew), and I sure do love both of those. Wine and coffee tees are not all they have though. Some other tees include holiday themed, funny quotes, mom tees, TV themed, sports themed and so much more.

Let me tell you why graphic tees are my jam.

They allow you to express yourself.

Whether it’s your favorite band, TV show, sport, drink, or anything else, these tees allow you to share with the world what you love, or what you want people to know about you.

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They are a great conversation starter.

People love reading graphic tees. Sometimes conversations even start from your shirt. Even just a simple, “OMG your tee is awesome!” while you’re waiting in line is worth the purchase. You will very quickly see who your fellow Game of Thrones fans, Harry Potter nerds, and coffee lovers are. Your graphic tee may even make someone else’s day.

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They give you something to wear without thinking about an outfit.

Is it Sunday? Pull out the football tee. Is it the Halloween party? Pull out the Halloween shirt. Maybe my new goal should be to find a graphic tee for every day of the year…

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They go with everything.

If it’s a lazy day at home you can wear a graphic tee with sweatpants. If you’re running errands with your kids, #Momlife graphic tee and jeans it is. According to this shirt they even go with yoga pants. Graphic tees can be worn with everything.

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Comfy cozy.

Let’s face it. They are comfortable, and that is all there is to it.

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You are supporting an awesome business.

When you buy a graphic tee from a shop you are supporting a small business. They want you to not only be comfortable, but love the message that you decide to spread with the people around you.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, checkout CorkedBrew’s page to find the graphic tee that fits you. They have tons of styles and themes to choose from, and I know you will find tons that you love.

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Shop My Outfits here:

Football Tee, Jeans

Coffee Tee, Sweatpants, Mug

#MomLife Tee, Jeans

A huge thank you to CorkedBrew for partnering with me on this post. I absolutely love my graphic tees, and they fit perfectly. All opinions are my own.

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How Online Daily Boutiques Work and Where I Purchased My New Favorite Fleece

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A few weeks back I stumbled upon a site called Groopdealz. Groopdealz is an online boutique store with tons of adorable things to purchase like clothing, accessories, home decor, jewelry, baby gear, and tons more. They are similar to many other boutiques except for two big reasons. First, they have tons of sales all the time. Pretty much everything is marked down. Deals, deals, DEALZ!

Another difference with Groopdealz is that they are what you would call an online daily boutique. Instead of just being run by one brand or company, Groopdealz has included tons of different sellers onto their site. That’s why you have so much to choose from! This also means that these sellers only have a limited amount of time on the site. Sellers are given a certain amount of days to sell and promote their product, but after that it is taken down.

I bought this fleece that was originally $54.00 for only $34.99, and let me tell you it is worth every penny. It is so amazingly soft, and perfect for fall and winter. I had the opportunity to choose what thread I wanted to use to get it monogrammed as well, and I love how it turned out.

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HERE’S THE THING… if you’re interested in buying it, you have to act now! The other day I went online to show my friend this fleece that I had purchased. I was going to send her the link, but it wasn’t there! I searched Groopdealz page by page, and it just wasn’t there. I figured I was lucky to get it while I could because it was already gone. WELL GUESS WHAT, when I went back on their site today it was BACK! If you think it’s something you or someone you know would enjoy, get it today.

The fleece seems pretty true to size. I typically wear a small, but didn’t want the fleece to be too small so I ordered a medium. If I was to go back and buy another one (hmmm, maybe black now?) then I would order a small because the medium is a little long. One more thing to mention is that I ordered the cream color. In the Groopdealz website picture it looks a little darker than it actually does it person. I love the color in person more than I do online because it’s very light, which is the look I was going for.

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This would make a great monogrammed Christmas gift for someone who likes to be comfy cozy. Maybe even a little Christmas gift for yourself!

I also purchased this extremely comfortable V-neck tee from Groopdealz that fits so perfectly. I went back to order another and they were gone, but you know I’ll keep checking back to all their cute clothing just incase!

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Don’t forget to snag that fleece today before it’s gone. You won’t regret it!

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Amazing Deals on Summer Items for Baby in My Shopping Cart Right Now

The smell of fall is in the air. A cool, crisp chill in the morning, the sweaters have come out of the attic, and the leaves crunch under your feet as you walk. That means it is the perfect time to get online and shop for summer wear. Why you ask? Two words: deals galore.

This is the time of year that I buy a lot of warm weather clothes for my daughter. Stores want to get rid of anything summer related to make room for fall and winter products, so some things are unbelievably low priced. Here are some of my favorite summer items I’m buying for my daughter right now to prepare myself for a few months down the road.

My daughter’s adorable suit from Janie and Jack that I wish she would fit in forever.

Baby Swim Wear

My daughter received the cutest suit from Janie and Jack. The original price of the suit was around $42. Currently some of the swim wear at Janie and Jack is down to $9.99 and it is adorable. Order a large size now for your little one to wear next summer! I’m obsessing over this cute swim suit, and am absolutely getting it for my daughter to wear.


Baby Shorts

Can we talk about the adorable prints that Janie and Jack has right now for around $12.99? Usually prices are between $36.00-$42.00 so this is an amazing deal, and there are so many sweet shorts to choose from. I have these Spearmint Palm shorts in my cart as we speak.


Baby Sandals

I’m loving the summer colors and adore these bright coral sandals for my daughter. They are on sale right now from $32.00 at only $9.99.

Baby Summer Dresses

Janie and Jack have the cutest summer dresses for little girls (can we get some in mom’s size please). This embroidered eyelet dress was originally $69.00 and is now on sale for only $23.99. I cannot wait until my daughter can wear this come June!

Baby Summer Hats

These summer hats are the sweetest. They are nice material and will hold up nicely during the summer months. I am buying this little straw sun hat for my daughter. It was originally $26.00 on sale for only $8.99.

When I’m shopping I only look at the girls clothes for my daughter, but after looking through some of the summer clothes they also have adorable little boys clothing as well. I especially love the cute plaid outfits they have for the young men.

I tried to only stick to summer items, but they also have adorable fall and winter items that I may have to sneak into my cart as well.

Snag some cute clothes for your little one and store it until the summer. When summer rolls around and you get to pull out these sweet, new outfits it will feel like Christmas in July!


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Cute Halloween Costume Ideas With DressLily

You guys, it’s October! That means that Halloween is about one month away. Every year I go through the same process of figuring out what to be for Halloween. I can never decide, and I search all throughout Pinterest and Instagram. I put it off until Halloween reaches, and I still end up Amazon priming a silly unicorn onesie.

Yup. Happy Halloween.

I’ve thought of an interesting idea. Instead of purchasing a whole costume, it would be nice to buy something that I can use as a costume once, but still continue to wear in my normal, non-Halloween life the other 364 days of the year.

For example, this orange dress I wore to a wedding was my inspiration. Someone at the wedding told me it reminded them of Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so that’s exactly what I may use it as if I don’t end up buying one of these other lovely dresses.


I found more than 2000 styles of fashion women’s dresses at Dresslily! Bandage, club, bodycon, chiffon, vintage, lace, bohemian dresses etc. Which is your favorite for a Halloween costume? Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with.

There are many different options for Minnie Mouse! They have so many adorable red and white polka dot dresses.


Minnie Mouse- Option 1

Minnie Mouse- Option 2

Minnie Mouse- Option 3

Minnie Mouse- Option 4

Minnie Mouse- Option 5

I also found a few cute dresses that would work well for Alice in Wonderland:


Alice in Wonderland- Option 1

Alice in Wonderland- Option 2

Here are three super cute dresses if you’re looking to be a sailor:


Sailor- Option 1

Sailor- Option 2

Sailor- Option 3

Interested in being patriotic for Halloween? The nice part is you could wear these again on other holidays like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Check out these American themed dresses:


American- Option 1

American- Option 2

American- Option 3

American- Option 4

Other Characters and Ideas Include:

Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Look how perfect this inexpensive yellow dress would be.

Have your husband go as Batman, and you can be Batgirl in this perfect black and yellow dress.

You could totally be the only lumberjack at the party in this red and black flannel looking dress.

Remember the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland? This red and black dress would be a perfect costume.

Betty Boop is the cutest. You could rock this red vintage dress to look like her.

Madeline is the sweetest little cartoon girl. All you need to do is find a yellow hat to pair with this navy blue and white dress and your costume is complete.

The poodle skirt Halloween costume is a classic that never goes out of style. Rock it with this adorable white and purple dress.

Have a costume that has something to do with music? This fabulous dress with music notes on it would be perfect.


This is not even the start of all their amazing dress ideas. Check out their website and let me know your favorites. Comment back with your creative Halloween costume ideas, and which one you think I should choose!


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Alpaca Lunch

The weekends always go way too fast! I had the best weekend with my daughter visiting with alpaca. Margot loves animals so it’s always fun to introduce her to new ones. In all honesty this was the first time I had ever seen an alpaca myself, and they are 100% my new favorite animal. They are adorable!


Sometimes I feel like the only way I can show my daughter our amazing world is by traveling to new places with her, when in reality there are so many local activities that we can do in our own backyard. From taking her to see alpaca, spending time at our local lake, or just by hiking through nearby trails and campgrounds there are so many things to do that are just seconds away from our small city.

Stay tuned for more local adventures with me and my mini!

Shop my casual fall outfit here:

Shirt: Nordstrom

Shorts: ROMWE

Flannel: NFLShop

Sunglasses: JCrew

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