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The Perfect Dress for a Carolina Winter

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If you’ve been following along with my blog posts you would know that I’m originally from New York and just recently moved to the Charlotte area to relocate for my husband’s job. It has been a huge change with a new home, no family around, and getting to know the new area.

So far I’ve loved the transition and am getting used to all the new aspects of my life, but the one thing that seems to make it all so worth it is this Carolina weather. The other day I ran errands in this dress and it was 62 degrees here, and 24 degrees in my hometown. That alone is worth the move down south.

Back in New York, January would be another sweater and boots month for me. Now that I’m in Charlotte I am loving that I get to wear these comfortable dresses to run errands when I leave the house.

Recently I received this adorable dress from PinkBlush, and it has been perfect for this time of year in the Carolina’s. For the last few months I wore tons of their maternity clothes, so when I learned that they also had women’s clothing I was all on board to try some of their regular items.

This Grey Striped Ruffle Trim dress is the perfect piece for this time of year. I love the light gray color, but it also comes in black or charcoal grey. If you like a dress with a cinched waistline this is the dress for you. It hugs my waist right where I want it to without being too tight. I absolutely love the ruffle trim bottom and sleeves which give it some character. The material is so soft but is thick enough to feel comfortable wearing. One of the best parts about it is this dress has pockets. C’mon ladies, you know you love a good pocket dress.

Check out PinkBlush‘s website for some of their adorable clothing items. If you’re interested in more outfit ideas with PinkBlush, check out some of my recent blog posts with some of their amazing pieces:

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Thank you to PinkBlush for sponsoring today’s post and for always having the best, quality clothing for pregnant and new mothers! All content and opinions are that of my own!


Be Unique With a Winter Wedding

How many Save the Dates do you have stockpiled right now? Of those Save the Dates how many of them are from May to October. I’m going to go out on a limb and say at least 99.99%. From May to October your chances for the nice, warm weather increase depending on where you live. Who wants to get married in those cold, dreary winter months?


Well maybe you don’t, but you should and here’s why.

No conflicts with other brides.

Sometimes it just so happens that you and another acquaintance might end up booking your wedding days for the same date, making guests who know both of you choose which wedding they should attend. If you have a wedding in the winter, or even around Christmas, it is very unlikely that you will have another gal choosing the same day as you.

You also get a lifetime bonus of not sharing your anniversary with anyone you know, keeping it a special day for years to come.


You can still get all the fun stuff out of the way in the summer.

Just because you have a winter wedding doesn’t mean that all the fun stuff has to happen in the winter too. Use the summer and fall to get your Bachelorette party and Bridal Shower out of the way when you’re not cramming to prepare for a wedding. That way you’re not crunching it all into one summer of craziness, and come winter you can buckle down on all the last minute details.

You get to wear a bomb coat.

When you get married in the summer there is no way you are wearing anything but your wedding dress, and that’s okay because you definitely spent enough money on that thing. But getting married in the winter means you not only get the dress, you get another fancy coat to impress people with as well.

If you’re interested in having some outdoor pictures you could add an extra pop to those photos with a bright red jacket, or even a fashionable fur coat. Can you imagine how amazing that would look against the white snow?


Your wedding photos will be unlike no other.

How many wedding pictures have you seen with a body of water or a bunch of green in the background? Probably 7 bajillion. Get married in the winter and you can get pictures blowing snowflakes, throwing snowballs, cuddled in a blanket, footprints in the snow, UNDER THE MISTLETOE! No one else will have those.


Your guests will always remember your wedding.

Over time do you ever lump weddings together? “Was it Ned’s wedding or Jaime’s wedding that was Game of Thrones theme?” (For the record I have never been to a Game of Thrones themed wedding. I will write a handsome check to whomever invites me to one though).

Most of your guests will have never experienced a winter wedding. Your wedding will have such a different atmosphere that they will distinctly remember your details more than other weddings. They will remember how cozy and warm it was as opposed to how hot other weddings were. They will remember the unique decorations or the feeling of Christmas in the air.


No one else will have your decor ideas.

Think about all the different decor ideas that you can pull off that other seasons can’t.

Pinecones, snowflakes, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, Christmas lights, ribbons and bows, Christmas sweater pattern , pine branches, berries, ornaments. The list goes on and on.


You don’t have to worry about rain.

When you have a spring, summer or fall wedding you have a chance of rain. Unless you are Storm from the X-men, there is no way you can predict or change the weather for the day of your wedding a year and a half in advance.

That’s the beauty of a winter wedding. There’s no chancing it. It’s going to be cold. It’s going to be wet. It’s going to be snowy. You have no choice but to keep your wedding inside, so check that off your worry list.


Hot Chocolate Bar.

Those three words alone should have you booking your winter wedding right now.

Santa might help you make it cheaper.

If you decide to have your wedding leading up to Christmas or even until New Year’s Eve, you could create an even more unique wedding. Most churches and reception halls would already be decorated for Christmas which could save you money. Gather up your families left over Christmas cookies and place them at each table for guests to munch on. Have guests place your wedding gifts under a big Christmas Tree. You could get real creative here, people!

BONUS (for the Game of Thrones Fans)

Your Save the Date could say “Winter is Coming”. The only problem with that is you may have some wedding crashers if they saw that Save the Date. Ehh, worth it.

If you have any other ideas for awesome reasons to have a winter wedding please share or post pictures of your special winter day!

No matter when you choose to get married I hope it’s perfect for you.